Problems of Comparability⁄Possibilities for Comparative Studies

An issue of: boundary 2

Problems of Comparability⁄Possibilities for Comparative Studies
Journal Issue Pages: 272 Volume 32, Number 2 Published: 2005 An issue of boundary 2
Special Issue Editor: Hyun Ok Park
This special issue of boundary 2 undertakes the task of rethinking comparison studies in the humanities and social sciences in light of globalization and the shrinking importance of the nation-state, which have had the effect of diminishing the importance of national boundaries that more often than not had once defined the limits of many disciplines.


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1. An Editorial Note–Harry Harootunian and Hyun Ok Park

2. On Comparability: Kant and the Possibility of Comparative Studies–Peter Osborne

3. Some Thoughts on Comparability and the Space-Time Problem–Harry Harootunian

4. Difference Against Development: Spiritual Accumulation and the Politics of Freedom–John Kraniauskas

5. Political Philosophy and Comparison: Bourgeois Identity and the Narrative of the Universal–Xudong Zhang

6. The Genealogy of a Positivist Haunting: Comparing Prewar and Postwar U.S. Sociology–George Steinmetz

7. In/Comparable Horrors: Total War and the Japanese Thing–Marilyn Ivy

8. From Culture Industry to Mao Industry: A Greek Tragedy–Michael Dutton

9. On Comparability and Continuity: China, circa 1930s and 1990s–Rebecca E. Karl

10. Autonomy and Comparability: Notes on the Anticolonial and the Postcolonial–Manu Goswami

11. Repetition, Comparability, and Indeterminable Nation: Korean Migrants in the 1920s and 1990s–Hyun Ok Park

12. Books Received

13. Contributors

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ISBN Paperback: 978-0-8223-6623-2