Queer Political Theologies

An issue of: GLQ

Queer Political Theologies
Journal Issue Pages: 176 Volume 27, Number 1 Published: January 2021 An issue of GLQ
Special Issue Editor(s): Ricky Varghese, David K. Seitz, Fan Wu
While religion and queerness often are viewed as disparate, scholars in both fields of study share concerns and questions about how the modern subject, with its attachments to institutions and communities, is formed. This special issue of GLQ brings together queer studies and political theology in order to explore the relationship between the self and politics, theism, and queerness. Going beyond previous work in queer political theology that has focused primarily on Christianity, contributors to this issue consider how queer sexualities appear in other theological contexts, including articles on astrological, Blackpentecostal, Thirunangai, hijra, and sarimbavy ways of life, recentering marginalized and underrepresented minorities, beliefs, and practices.
Contributors: Ashon Crawley, Seth Palmer, Liza Tom, Vaibhav Saria, David K. Seitz, Ricky Varghese, Alexa Winstanley-Smith, Fan Wu


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