Qui Parle 17:2

An issue of: Qui Parle

Qui Parle 17:2
Journal Issue Volume 17, Number 2 Published: 2008 An issue of Qui Parle
This issue features a dossier called “Past Unconscious: Psyche in the Afterlives of Freud.” Other essays in this issue include a reprinting of Talal Asad’s “The Idea of an Anthropology of Islam”; an analysis of the personification of animals in W. G. Sebald’s fiction; a philosophical analysis of the construction of tragic fate in classic works; Derrida’s concepts of spectrality applied to horror films such as The Sixth Sense; and featured works of the artist Hanaa Malallah. Contributors include Talal Asad, Alan Bass, Gabriela Basterra, J. M. Bernstein, Catherine Malabou, Hanaa Malallah, Christopher Peterson, and Slavoj Žižek.


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