Qui Parle 18:1

An issue of: Qui Parle

Qui Parle 18:1
Journal Issue Volume 18, Number 1 Published: 2009 An issue of Qui Parle
This issue features a dossier called “For Further Accidents of Thought: Theoretical De-Europeanization,” which consists of essays that challenge Western metaphysical thinking and ethnocentrism. Other essays explore conversion and “Muslim Jews”; abortion and feminism in queer sex theory discourse; the deconstruction of science and the “knowing subject”; and an essay on the word interesting as a complex transdisciplinary label often applied not only to works of literature, art, and sciences but also to the phenomena of real life, like persons, events, actions, and relationships. Contributors include Gil Anidjar, Jennifer Doyle, Enrique Dussel, Mikhail Epstein, François Jullien, Hélène Mialet, and Bernard Stiegler


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