Radical Care

An issue of: Social Text

Radical Care
Journal Issue Pages: 156 Volume 38, Number 1 Number: 142 Published: March 2020 An issue of Social Text
Special Issue Editor(s): Hi′ilei Hobart, Tamara Kneese
Care has re-entered the zeitgeist. In the aftermath of the 2016 U.S. presidential election, #selfcare exploded across media platforms. Beyond this popular focus on self-care rituals, care has also emerged as a driving force within new collective movements. Situating discussions of care within a historical trajectory of feminist, queer, and Black activism, contributors to this special issue consider how individuals and communities receive and provide care in order to survive in environments that challenge their very existence. They explore how trans activists find resilience and vitality through coalitional labor; argue that social movements should expand mutual aid strategies, focusing on solidarity over charity; discuss a neoliberal university wellness culture that seeks to patch up structural care deficits with quick fixes like meditation apps and yoga classes; and more. As the traditionally undervalued labor of caring becomes recognized as a key element of survival, contributors show how radical care provides a roadmap for not only enduring precarious worlds but also envisioning new futures. In the face of state-sanctioned violence, economic crisis, and impending ecological collapse, collective care offers a way forward.

Contributors. Nicole Charles, Elijah Adiv Edelman, Hi‘ilei Hobart, Tamara Kneese, Micki McGee, Leyla Savloff, Cotten Seiler, Dean Spade


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