Reconceptualizations of the African Diaspora

An issue of: Radical History Review

Reconceptualizations of the African Diaspora
Journal Issue Volume 9, Number 103 Number: 103 Published: 2009 An issue of Radical History Review
This special issue of Radical History Review aims to revitalize African diaspora studies by shifting current emphases within the field. The contributors rethink current understandings of African and diaspora as a dispersal of Africans from the African continent via the Atlantic slave trade and offer reconceptualizations of dominant paradigms, such as home, origins, migrations, politics, blackness, African, Africa, African-descended, and Americanness.

The contributors draw on perspectives from political science, history, cultural studies, art history, anthropology, feminist theory, sexuality and queer studies, and Caribbean and African American studies. The collection addresses transnational discourses of race, gender, and sexuality in African diaspora politics, African diaspora experiences on the African continent, the politics of African-descended peoples in Europe, and creative uses of the discourses of memory and diaspora to support political organizing and local struggles. Essays on Venezuelans, Bolivians, and Mexicans address the status of race in the study of African-descended populations and cultures in Latin America. The issue also includes two essays that showcase African diasporic art and curatorial practices in the United States, the Caribbean, and the United Kingdom.

Contributors: Erica Ball, Anthony Bogues, Lisa Brock, Sara Busdiecker, Prudence Cumberbatch,Jacqueline Francis, Anita González, Amoaba Gooden, Dayo Gore, Laura A. Harris, Christopher J. Lee, Kevin Mumford, Melina Pappademos, Cristóbal Valencia Ramírez, Rochelle Rowe, Theresa Runstedtler, Michelle Ann Stephens, Tyler Stovall, Deborah Thomas, Leon Wainwright, Cadence Wynter, Paul Tiyambe Zeleza


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1. Editors' Introduction-Erica Ball, Melina Pappademos, and Michelle Stephens


2. Nation and the Cold War: Reflections on the Circuitous Routes of African Diaspora Studies-Lisa Brock

3. The African Diaspora Today: Flows and Motions-Anthony Bogues


4. The Black Panthers in London, 1967-1972: A Diasporic Struggle Navigates the Black Atlantic-Anne-Marie Angelo

5. "Glorifying the Jamaican Girl": The "Ten Types - One People" Beauty Contest, Racialized Femininities, and Jamaican Nationalism-Rochelle Rowe

6. Visible Men: African American Boxers, the New Negro, and the Global Color Line-Theresa Runstedtler

Interdisciplinary Intervention

7. The Violence of Diaspora: Governmentality, Class Cultures, and Circulations-Deborah A. Thomas

Latin American Forum

8. Where Blackness Resides: Afro-Bolivians and the Spatializing and Racializing of the African Diaspora-Sara Busdiecker

9. Active Marooning: Confronting Mi Negra and the Bolivarian Revolution-Cristóbal Valencia Ramírez

10. Indigenous Act: Black and Native Performances in Mexico-Anita González


11. Sovereignty, Neoliberalism, and the Postdiasporic Politics of Globalization: A Conversation about South Africa with Patrick Bond, Ashwin Desai, and Molefi Mafereka ka Ndlovu-Christopher J. Lee

Teaching Radical History

12. Transnationalism and the Construction of Black Political Identities-Prudence D. Cumberbatch

13. Black Global Metropolis: Sexual History-Kevin Mumford

Curated Spaces Visual Culture in the Diaspora

14. Introduction-Conor McGrady

15. To Be Real: Figuring Blackness in Modern and Contemporary Africa Diaspora Visual Cultures-Jacqueline Francis

16. New Provincialisms: Curating Art of the African Diaspora-Leon Wainwright


17. Blacks in European History-Tyler Stovall

18. Centering Africa in African American Diasporic Travels and Activism-Dayo F. Gore

19. "What's in a Name?" That Which We Call Brilliance by Any Other Name Would Read as Festus Claudius McKay-Laura A. Harris

Notes on Contributors

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