Speech in the Western States: Volume 3, Understudied Varieties

An issue of: American Speech

Speech in the Western States
Journal Issue Pages: 160 Volume 95, Number 5 Number: 105 Published: December 2020 An issue of American Speech
Continuing the conversation around Western vowel patterns discussed in the previous PADS volumes 101 and 102, this volume provides a fuller description of variation in the Western states by focusing on the speech of underrepresented speakers. By doing this, contributors aim to more accurately represent the demographic diversity of the region and thus improve our understanding of the history and current state of linguistic variation and change in the West.

"We hope these volumes help plug some gaping holes in our dialectological knowledge but, more importantly, help to bring forth new and exciting work on less examined communities within the larger expanse that constitutes the Western United States," write the editors in their introduction.

Contributors: David Bowie, Jeremy Calder, Ian Clayton, Annette D’Onofrio, Valerie Fridland, Lauren Hall-Lew, Sharon Hargus, Tyler Kendall, Sharese King, Joseph A. Stanley, Janneke van Hofwegen, Alicia Beckford Wassink


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