The Economist as Public Intellectual

An issue of: History of Political Economy

The Economist as Public Intellectual
Journal Issue Pages: 336 Volume 45, Number 5 Published: [Volume Year] 2013 An issue of History of Political Economy
Special Issue Editor(s): Steven G. Medema, Tiago Mata
The Economist as Public Intellectual
A supplement to History of Political Economy
Tiago Mata and Steven G. Medema, editors
The Economist as Public Intellectual examines the power of individual economists to intervene in public affairs and argues that economists’ public interventions have had profound consequences for both the structure and the content of the public sphere. With a focus on the encounters between economists and their publics in the UK and the US, the essays in this volume demonstrate how publicity has served different purposes in the evolving configurations of academe, business, government, and media over the course of the twentieth century. Economists discussed include Gary Becker, Milton Friedman, John Kenneth Galbraith, and John Maynard Keynes. This volume concludes with a timely and important examination of economists’ reaction to the current financial downturn.
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Tiago Mata is Senior Research Associate in the Department of History and Philosophy of Science at the University of Cambridge. Steven G. Medema is Professor of Economics at the University of Colorado, Denver.
Roger E. Backhouse
Bradley W. Bateman
Peter Boettke
Angus Burgin
Robert W. Dimand
Gil Eyal
Jean-Baptiste Fleury
Chris Godden
Craufurd Goodwin
Susan Howson
Moran Levy
Alain Marciano
Tiago Mata
Rob Roy McGregor
Steven G. Medema
Philip Mirowski
Edward Nik-Khah
Liya Palagashvili
Warren Young


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