The Marxist Premodern

An issue of: Journal of Medieval and Early Modern Studies

The Marxist Premodern
Journal Issue Pages: 252 Volume 34, Number 3 Published: 2004 An issue of Journal of Medieval and Early Modern Studies
Special Issue Editor(s): Bruce Holsinger, Ethan Knapp
In classic Marxism, the Middle Ages represent something of a paradox: both a prelapsarian pastoral in which peasants are "bound to the soil" with the "guarantees of existence" offered by feudalism, and an expropriative economy that adumbrates the most extreme exploitative tendencies of industrial capitalism. This special issue of the Journal of Medieval and Early Modern Studies is devoted to a general rethinking of the Marxist premodern: its contours, its literary and cultural effects, its theoretical afterlife, and its limitations.

Contributors. Andrew Cole, Valerie Forman, Bruce Holsinger, Ethan Knapp, Maura B. Nolan, John Parker, Stephen H. Rigby, D. Vance Smith


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1. The Marxist Premodern–Bruce Holsinger and Ethan Knapp

2. Historical Materialism: Social Structure and Social Change in the Middle Ages–Stephen H. Rigby

3. Marx and T. F. Tout: Household, City, and History at Manchester–D. Vance Smith

4. Making the Aesthetic Turn: Adorno, the Medieval, and the Future of the Past–Maura B. Nolan

5. What Hegel's Master–Slave Dialectic Really Means–Andrew Cole

6. Transformations of Value and the Production of "Investment" in the Early History of the English East India Company–Valerie Forman

7. What a Piece of Work Is Man: Shakespearean Drama as Marxian Fetish, the Fetish as Sacramental Sublime–John Parker

8. New Books across the Disciplines

9. Call for Submissions

10. Index

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ISBN Paperback: 978-0-8223-6617-1