Tikkun 27:2

An issue of: Tikkun

Tikkun 27:2
Journal Issue Volume 27, Number 2 Published: 2012 An issue of Tikkun


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Readers Respond


o Rabbi Michael Lerner

Occupy Passover Seders and Easter Gatherings

Politics & Society

o Stephen Zunes

Obama, Palestine, and the United Nations

o Ashley Bates

The Walls of the Reform Movement’s “Big Tent”

Special Section: The Occupy Movement

Analyses of a Reshaped Political Landscape

o Michael Lerner

Loving and Supporting Occupy

o John Helmiere

The Spirituality of Occupy

o Donna Schaper

What’s Next for Occupy

o Miki Kashtan

Sustaining the Occupy Movement

o Helena Norberg-Hodge

Localization: The Economics of Happiness

o Marina Sitrin

Horizontalidad and Territory in the Occupy Movements

o Kristin Wartman

Occupy’s Message to the Food Movement: Bridge the Class Divides


o Phil Wolfson

Healing the World Through Consciousness Exploration

o Christopher Holvenstot

Consciousness Studies and a Transformation of the Western Worldview

Rethinking Religion

o Daniel Boyarin

Jesus Kept Kosher: The Jewish Christ of the Gospel of Mark

o Ana Levy-Lyons

The Religious Counterculture

o William O’Brien

Finding Manna in the Age of Monsanto



o Karen K. Chen

Our Saving Grace: A Relational Mode of Being

o Robert Inchausti

The Growth of a Global Community

o Jill Jacobs

Assimilation for Muslims and Jews?

o Lewis

Melancholia in the Subjunctive Mood

o Ussama Makdisi

Setting the Record Straight: The Arabs, Zionism, and the Holocaust


o Chana Bloch

Night Stop

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