Tikkun 27:3

An issue of: Tikkun

Tikkun 27:3
Journal Issue Volume 27, Number 3 Published: 2012 An issue of Tikkun


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Readers Respond


Tikkun as a Quarterly– Rabbi Michael Lerner

Iran, Israel, and Obama– Rabbi Michael Lerner

Rethinking Religion

Levinas, Hitlerism, and New Atheist Revisionism– Jeffrey D. Boldt

Rethinking the Doctrines of the Trinity and the Holy Spirit– Brian McLaren

Privacy and Personhood in a World Without Mystery– Rafael Chodos

The Difference Between Holy and Nice: The Religious Counterculture– Ana Levy-Lyons

Special Section: Playful Distractions

Burning Man, “World Of Warcraft,” and Other Playful Distractions

Burning Man, Desire, and the Culture of Empire– Fenton Johnson

Online Ministry in a Massively Multi-Player World of Warcraft– Wildstreak/Sweetwater

Politics & Society

All We Have in Common: Youth Dialogue Offers a New Vision for Israel/Palestine– Penny Holland

Statism and Anti-Statism: Reflections on Israel’s Legitimacy Crisis– Nathaniel Berman

Drug Prohibition Is the Problem: Reflections from a Former Judge– James P. Gray



Retelling Hasidism for the Twenty-First Century– Shaul Magid

A Memoir of Gender Transition– Jhos Singer

Literary Bridges to the Middle Eastern “Other”– Ashley Bates

When American Jews Were Divided and Weak– Ralph Seliger

Much More Than a Historical Novel– Jeffrey M. Green



A Jewish Composer for Our Time– Anna Rubin



Bamian: A Photograph from Tricycle, 2000– Alan Williamson

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