Tikkun 27:4

An issue of: Tikkun

Tikkun 27:4
Journal Issue Pages: 72 Volume 27, Number 4 Published: 2012 An issue of Tikkun


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Bogen, D.

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Readers Respond

Austerity as Spiritual Depression: The Current Economic Assault on the Middle Class


We Are Staying In Print

Recognize Palestine! Recognize Israel!

America Needs Repentance

The Legacy of Abraham Joshua Heschel

Erlewine, R.

The Arab Awakening and the Israeli-Palestinian Connection

Klug, T.

Fresh Tactics and New Voices In the Movement for Justice and Freedom in the Middle East

Abileah, R.

Is Addiction Really a Disease? A Challenge to Twelve-Step Programs

Boeving, N. G.

Twelve-Step Healing: Beyond Disease Metaphors and God-Talk

Kaufman, S.

Dr. Seuss's Progressive Politics

Dreier, P.

From the Beginning of Time to the End of Days

Sterritt, D.

The Work of Healing

Rhett, K.

Sword and Plowshare in Jewish Thought

Waskow, A.

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