Trans∗ Studies Now

An issue of: TSQ: Transgender Studies Quarterly

Trans∗ Studies Now
Journal Issue Pages: 232 Volume 7, Number 3 Published: August 2020 An issue of TSQ: Transgender Studies Quarterly
Contributors to this special issue discuss the field of trans studies during the first quarter of 2020, when TSQ's editorial leadership was changing and just before COVID-19 transformed our lives and work. Essay topics include the breakout visibility of Andrea Long Chu in mainstream media and her widely-read critique of trans studies, the institutionalization of trans studies at the University of Arizona and elsewhere, a dossier of trans takes on the literary oeuvre of Kathy Acker, and commentary on the ongoing public controversies regarding pediatric transgender medicine.

Contributors: Cassius Adair, Joshua Aiken, Cameron Awkward-Rich, Marquis Bey, Pamela L. Caughie, Emily Datskou, Madi Day, Robin Dembroff, Ian Khara Ellasante, Kay Gabriel, Jules Joanne Gleeson, Jack Halberstam, Ezra Horbury, Caitlin Janzen, Cáel M. Keegan, Grace Lavery, Amy Marvin, James McMaster, Jessica Marion Modi, Nicole Erin Morse, Olivia R. Polk, Holly Randell-Moon, Sahar Sadjadi, Nicole Seymour, D-L Stewart, Susan Stryker, Travers, K. K. Trieu, Iris van der Tuin, Melisse Vroegindeweij, McKenzie Wark, Riki Wilchins, Christine “Xine” Yao


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