Transhistoricizing Claude McKay′s Romance in Marseille

An issue of: English Language Notes

Transhistoricizing Claude McKay′s Romance in Marseille
Journal Issue Pages: 236 Volume 59, Number 1 Published: April 2021 An issue of English Language Notes
Special Issue Editor(s): Gary Edward Holcomb, William J. Maxwell
Claude McKay’s abandoned novel Romance in Marseille (circa 1929–1933), first published by Penguin Classics in February 2020, has been praised as a new-old text that transcends historical boundaries, resonating with both the present moment and the hundred-year-old era of the New Negro. This special issue offers the first-ever collection of academic essays on this novel, which arrived as an instant classic: both a benchmark of the Harlem Renaissance and a fresh statement that could have been written for twenty-first-century readers.
Using McKay’s Romance as a critical compass point, the authors map new directions and historical territories in Black modernism, queer theory, disability studies, Marxist/materialist thought, and other established and emerging areas.
Contributors: Stephanie J. Brown, Nissa Ren Cannon, Zainab Cheema, Rich Cole, Michael J. Collins, David B. Hobbs, Gary Edward Holcomb, William J. Maxwell, Eric H. Newman, Laura Ryan, Jesse W. Schwartz, Agnieszka Tuszynska, Laura Winkiel


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