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  • Editorial Office:
    Institute for LGBT Studies
    University of Arizona
    1731 E. Second St., #201
    Tucson, AZ 85721-0014

    Paisley Currah, Brooklyn College and the Graduate Center, City University of New York
    Susan Stryker, University of Arizona

    Editorial Assistant:
    Abraham B. Weil, University of Arizona

    Book Review Editor:
    A. Finn Enke, University of Wisconsin—Madison

    Arts & Culture Editor:
    Eliza Steinbock, Leiden University

    Fashion Editor:
    Francisco J. Galarte, University of Arizona

    New Media Editor:
    Tobias Raun, University of Roskilde

    Editorial Board:
    Aren Aizura
    Y. Gavriel Ansara
    Carsten Balzer/Carla LaGata
    Talia Mae Bettcher
    Julian B. Carter
    Jian Neo Chen
    Howard Chiang
    Trystan Cotten
    Aaron Devor
    Aniruddha Dutta
    A. Finn Enke
    Francisco J. Galarte
    Kai Green
    Eva Hayward
    Todd Henry
    Dan Irving
    Helen Hok-Sze Leung
    Vic Muñoz
    Marcia Ochoa
    Paul B. Preciado
    Matt Richardson
    Trish Salah
    T. Benjamin Singer
    Chris Straayer
    Nikki Sullivan

  • Visit the TSQ home page to see calls for papers for upcoming issues. Essays should be submitted for review to the journal's Editorial Manager page. We do not accept submissions of previously published work. Neither do we accept submissions that are under review or have been accepted for publication elsewhere. The journal uses the author-date form of citation as described in chapter 15 of The Chicago Manual of Style, sixteenth edition. To facilitate the anonymous review process, please provide your name, affiliation, contact information, and any other identifying information on a separate cover page, and be sure that citations to your own work are worded to maintain your anonymity. Consult the TSQ style guide for more information about formatting and style.

    We also welcome proposals for special issues on a particular theme. Visit the home page of the TSQ editorial office for information about submitting a proposal for a special issue.

    Contact the appropriate review or subject editor if you have a proposal or inquiry regarding a potential review subject. Please do not submit unsolicited reviews.

    Book Review Editor: A. Finn Enke, Gender and Women's Studies, History, LGBT Studies, University of Wisconsin–Madison, 1610 Yahara Place, Madison, WI 53704; e-mail: aenke@wisc.edu.

    Arts & Culture Editor: Eliza Steinbock, Film and Literary Studies, Faculty of Humanities, Leiden University, van Wijkplaats 2, 2311 BX, Leiden, Netherlands; e-mail: e.a.steinbock@hum.leiden.univ.nl.

    Fashion Editor: Francisco J. Galarte, Gender and Women's Studies, University of Arizona, 925 N. Tyndall Ave., Tucson, AZ 85721-0438; e-mail: galarte@email.arizona.edu.

    New Media Editor: Tobias Raun, c/o TSQ: Transgender Studies Quarterly, Institute for LGBT Studies, University of Arizona, 1731 E. Second St., #201, Tucson, AZ 85721-0014; email: tobiasra@ruc.dk.

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    May 2018 (5:2) - Closes 03/21/18
    August 2018 (5:3) - Closes 06/13/18
    November 2018 (5:4) - Closes 09/13/18
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  • Description

    Over the past two decades, transgender studies has become fertile ground for new approaches to cultural analysis. TSQ: Transgender Studies Quarterly offers a high-profile venue for innovative research and scholarship that contest the objectification, pathologization, and exoticization of transgender lives. It publishes interdisciplinary work that explores the diversity of gender, sex, sexuality, embodiment, and identity in ways that have not been adequately addressed by feminist and queer scholarship. Its mission is to foster a vigorous conversation among scholars, artists, activists, and others that examines how “transgender” comes into play as a category, a process, a social assemblage, an increasingly intelligible gender identity, an identifiable threat to gender normativity, and a rubric for understanding the variability and contingency of gender across time, space, and cultures. Major topics addressed in the first few issues include the cultural production of trans communities, critical analysis of transgender population studies, transgender biopolitics, radical critiques of political economy, and problems of translating gender concepts and practices across linguistic communities.
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    Abstractors and Indexers:

    Currently indexed in the Emerging Sources Citation Index.

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