Tunisia Dossier: The Tunisian Revolution of Dignity

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Tunisia Dossier
Journal Issue Pages: 244 Volume 39, Number 1 Published: Spring 2012 An issue of boundary 2


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Tunisia Dossier: The Tunisian Revolution of Dignity

R. A. Judy

Introduction: For Dignity; Tunisia and the Poetry of Emergent Democratic Humanism

Mouldi Guessoumi

The Grammars of the Tunisian Revolution

Mounir Saidani

Revolution and Counterrevolution in Tunisia: The Forty Days That Shook the Country

Mustafa Aloui

Kasserine and January

Ahmed Jdey

A History of Tunisia, January 14, 2011: The End of a Dictator and the Beginning of Democratic Construction

Abdeljelil Temimi

The Tunisian Revolution Observatory: Considering the Perspectives of the Intellectual and Political Elite

Abdeljelil Temimi

Symposium on Youth of the Revolution of Dignity and Democracy, Thursday, February 17, 2011

Mohamed-Salah Omri

A Revolution of Dignity and Poetry


Wang Hui, Wen Tiejun, and Lau Kin Chi

The Movement in Egypt: A Dialogue with Samir Amin

Etienne Balibar

Civic Universalism and Its Internal Exclusions: The Issue of Anthropological Difference

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