War Capital Trauma

An issue of: positions

War Capital Trauma
Journal Issue Pages: 272 Volume 16, Number 1 Published: 2008 An issue of positions
Special Issue Editor(s): Tani Barlow, Brian Hammer
In this special issue, contributors address what the term trauma contributes to a political language and consider the relation of trauma or war to disaster capital, globalized capital accumulation, imperial capitalism, or the postwar developmental state. Essays address how Japanese manga reiterates the atom-bomb event as a cultural trauma; examine how trauma theory can be used to explain the logics and politics of contemporary Japanese nationalism; and reconsider the concept of trauma through the lens of the 1997 Asian financial crisis. Another essay questions the concept of trauma itself, arguing that trauma cannot be felt by the many groups that experience suffering as the bare condition of life, and that disposability, as determined by the marketplace, should take its place in political criticism.


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1. Introduction: War Capital Trauma—Tani Barlow and Brian Hammer

2. Images—Htein Lin

3. Conceptualizing Trauma, but What about Asia?—Kenneth Surin

4. Indignity—Ranjana Khanna

5.Finding the "Map of Memory": Testimony of the Japanese Military Sexual Slavery Survivors—Hyunah Yang

6. Of Performance and the Persistent Temporality of Trauma: Memory, Art, and Visions—Boreth Ly

7. Born of Trauma: Akira and Capitalist Modes of Destruction—Thomas Lamarre

8. ImagesAn – My Lê

9.Trauma's Two Times: Japanese Wars and Postwars—Marilyn Ivy

10. Crises of Money—Pheng Cheah

11. Images—Binh Danh

12. Giving Up Ghosts: Notes on Trauma and the Possibility of the Political from Southeast Asia—Rosalind C. Morris

13. Contributors

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