• World Policy Journal

    Academic Editor(s):
    Current Volume: 34
    Frequency: Quarterly
    ISSN: 0740-2775
    e-ISSN: 1936-0924

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  • Editorial Office:
    World Policy Institute
    108 West 39th St.
    Tenth Floor, Suite 1000
    New York, NY 10018
    (212) 481-5005
    Christopher Shay, shay@worldpolicy.org
    Managing Editor:
    Laurel Jarombek, jarombek@worldpolicy.org
    Podcast Producer:
    Matthew DeMello
    Creative Director:
    Meehyun Nam-Thompson
    Editors Emeritus:
    Sherle R. Schwenninger (1982–1991)
    James Chace (1992–2000)
    Karl E. Meyer (2000–2008)
    Editorial Board:
    Seymour Topping, Columbia University, chair
    Sulaiman Al-Hattlan, Hattlan Media
    Eric Alterman, World Policy Institute
    Sidney Blumenthal, Author
    Ying Chan, University of Hong Kong
    Mark Danner, New York Review of Books
    Kate Doyle, National Security Archive
    Naresh Fernandes, Time Out India
    David Fromkin, Boston University
    John Maxwell Hamilton, Louisiana State University
    James F. Hoge Jr., Center for Global Affairs, New York University
    Aziz Z. Huq, University of Chicago Law School
    Azubuike Ishiekwene, Punch Newspaper Group, Nigeria
    Peter B. Kaufman, Intelligent Television
    Paul Kelly, The Australian
    Anne Nelson, Columbia University
    Peter Osnos, PublicAffairs Books
    Jennifer Ramos, Loyola Marymount University
    Sherle R. Schwenninger, World Policy Institute
    Nancy E. Soderberg, Connect U.S. Fund
    Ronald Steel, University of Southern California
    Paul Steiger, ProPublica
    Angela E. Stent, Georgetown University
    Patrick Wajsman, Politique Internationale
    Martin Walker, World Policy Institute
    Ruth Wedgwood, School of Advanced International Studies, Johns Hopkins University

  • In addition to policy articles and commentary at its core, World Policy Journal publishes cultural essays, profiles, reportage, photojournalism, Q&As with compelling international figures, and illustrations and cartoons from around the globe.

    While the majority of articles are commissioned, we do accept unsolicited manuscripts. In selecting pieces for publication, we look for a strong point of view expressed in a lively, nonacademic style. Each issue has a cover theme chosen by the editors, though at least half of each issue is given to topical articles on a broad array of subjects.

    Submissions should run roughly 4,000 to 5,000 words and include a short letter to introduce the article. We are particularly receptive to contributions from journalists, scholars, and thinkers residing in countries other than the United States, though the magazine is edited and published in English.

    Policy Articles
    We are especially interested in issues concerning international affairs,  economics, human rights, regional conflicts, and the environment. Submissions should present a well-supported point of view and offer provocative policy recommendations. To the extent possible, articles should be based on interviews and other primary sources of information that will set them apart from the writings of others on a given subject and that will increase their timeliness.

    Social and Cultural Essays
    We also publish articles that consider broader social and cultural issues such as immigration, exile, and ethnicity; that provide insight into a historical era, event, or person; that illuminate cultural change and cross-cultural influences; or that explore the role of literature and art in political discourse.

    World Policy Journal takes pride in a long tradition of publishing exemplary first-person reporting from regions or on subjects not widely covered in the general media. Articles should be written in a vivid style, with texture and narrative that transport readers to the location, while exploring larger themes and policy implications.

    Submissions should be sent to Managing Editor Laurel Jarombek, jarombek@worldpolicy.org, as a Microsoft Word or PDF attachment.

  • For information about advertising in World Policy Journal, please see the WPJ Media Kit (pdf).

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  • Description

    World Policy Journal (WPJ) is the flagship publication of the World Policy Institute. For over thirty years WPJ has been home to both distinguished and emerging thinkers from around the globe. WPJ's articles inject new ideas into international debates on the world’s most pressing issues. Essays and reported pieces cover global security, regional conflict, political controversy, and cultural and social change. The journal is known for lively, intelligent writing that challenges conventional wisdom and offers fresh perspectives on underreported issues. The articles and analyses offer strong points of view that transcend the foreign-versus-domestic policy divide, reflecting the institute's global perspective. Regular features include a photojournalism portfolio, a conversation with a compelling thinker, and illustrations and cartoons from international artists. Each issue is centered on a cover package, with several major essays and graphic features exploring aspects of a single issue in depth. Cover themes have focused on water, food, sports, sex and sexuality, and communications. Above all, World Policy Journal aims to showcase thought from far beyond traditional thinkers to all nations.

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