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Collections Overview

Digital Collections flyer (PDF) updated December 12, 2019
Product presentation (PPT) updated January 9, 2020
Open Access brochure (PDF) updated November 11, 2019

Humanities and Social Sciences Products

Humanities and Social Sciences products brochure (PDF) updated November 11, 2019
e-Duke Books Features flyer (PDF) updated February 19, 2020
General e-Book flyer (PDF) updated December 12, 2019
e-Book Subject Collections brochure (PDF) updated February 19, 2020
e-Duke Journals Features flyer (PDF) updated February 19, 2020
Key Journals and Emerging Fields flyer (PDF) updated March 8, 2019
Asian Studies books and journals flyer (PDF) updated March 11, 2019
Black Sacred Music Archive flyer (PDF) updated May 29, 2019
Tikkun Archive flyer (PDF) updated May 29, 2019

Mathematics Products

Mathematics products brochure (PDF) updated November 11, 2019
Project Euclid for Libraries brochure (PDF) updated March 11, 2019
Project Euclid by the Numbers flyer (PDF) updated November 26, 2019
Euclid Prime features flyer (PDF) updated November 11, 2019
Duke Mathematical Journal by the Numbers flyer (PDF) updated December 4, 2019


Social Media (PDF)
e-Duke Books (PDF)
African American, African, and Black Diaspora Studies e-book collection (PDF)
Anthropology e-book collection (PDF)
Art and Art History e-book collection (PDF)
Asian Studies e-book collection (PDF)
Gender Studies e-book collection (PDF)
Latin American Studies e-book collection (PDF)
Music and Sound Studies e-book collection (PDF)
Religious Studies e-book collection (PDF)

e-Book Subject Collection Reading Lists

African American, African, and Black Diaspora Studies (web page)
Anthropology (web page)
Art and Art History (PDF) (web page)
Asian Studies (PDF) (web page)
Gender Studies (PDF) (web page)
Latin American Studies (PDF) (web page)
Music and Sound Studies (PDF) (web page)
Religious Studies (PDF) (web page)
Other reading lists

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