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  • Wild Things by Jack Halberstam

    "[A] creative, discipline-smashing study exploring the human attraction to 'the wild.' . . . Halberstam’s approach is equal parts academic and poetic, making for a dense and, at times, beautiful text. This is a work that demands attention, which it rewards with both insight and entertainment."—Publishers Weekly

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  • The Anagonist

    This issue of Novel: A Forum on Fiction proposes a new type of novelistic hero: the “anagonist.” Unlike the protagonist, the anagonist generally does not act; and if she does, her action is inconsequential to the work.

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  • Demography: A Platinum Open-Access Journal

    Now published by Duke University Press, Demography will be Open Access starting in 2021.

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  • The Sense of Brown by José Esteban Muñoz

    "Read on their own and in tandem with Muñoz's earlier works, these thirteen essays written with care and a sense of urgency outlive his too-soon passing. Lovingly edited, they are a gift.” — Christina Sharpe

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