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Share Your Article

Permission for Sharing an Article

You are free to post your accepted manuscript on your personal website, in your university's repository, and in other nonprofit or governmental open access repositories without requesting permission from Duke University Press. This grant of permission, however, does not include sites such as Academia ( or ResearchGate (, which are commercial websites. 

 Also, please always provide the link to your published article instead of providing a PDF. By sharing the link, you increase usage statistics for your article, enhancing the journal’s value for libraries.


Share Your Article checklist

Bring your work to a wide audience by consulting our Share Your Article checklist (PDF download).

  • Update any working papers or preprints with links to the finished article. These documents may be in your institutional repository or an open-access repository like arXiv

  • Update your CV to reflect your new publication. Some people compile research references by examining scholars’ CVs. Including the article DOI (found on the article’s webpage) will help them quickly locate the publication. Be sure that your new CV is on file with your academic department.

  • Check that your library subscribes to the journal in which your article appears. If not, consider asking your library to subscribe so that your students and colleagues can access your research.

  • Send a link to your article to your colleagues both in your department and at other institutions. Always share the link, not the PDF, to support the journal’s usage metrics.

  • Share a link to your article on Facebook. Use the @ function to share with any research groups or institutions you are affiliated with.

  • Share a link to your article on Twitter. Use the @ function to share with research groups, institutions, or fellow scholars who can retweet you. Consider using relevant hashtags to expand the reach of your work.

  • Retweet or share social media posts the Press creates on your behalf. We often publicize journal issues on on Twitter or Facebook.

  • Share a link to your article on other social media platforms. Examples include Tumblr, LinkedIn, Reddit, Sina Weibo, and Instagram.

  • Update your faculty profile page and other professional profiles to reflect your new publication. Include a link to the article. Examples of professional profiles include Google Scholar,, and Mendeley. If you have your own website, be sure to update that as well.

  • Ask your department or institution to share your research on their blog or news feed.

  • Write a blog post about your article. If you have a personal blog, this is a great place to present further insights that didn’t make the publication. We often share blog posts that connect scholarly work to current events on the Duke University Press blog. If you’d like to learn more about contributing, please contact our journals publicist.

  • Contact a relevant news source and let them know about your research. There are many smaller niche news sites that may be interested in your findings. Don’t know where to get started? Ask your university news office for suggestions or contact our journal publicist.

  • Let Duke University Press know if your publication leads to awards, speaking opportunities, or special events. Contact our journals publicist and we will help spread the word on social media.


Should you have a question about the checklist, contact the journals publicist.

Share your article