A Rock Garden in the South

A Rock Garden in the South

Book Pages: 240 Illustrations: Published: July 1990

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As readers and critics around the country agree, any new book by the renowned garden writer Elizabeth Lawrence is like finding a buried treasure. A Rock Garden in the South will not disappoint. Released posthumously, this book is not only a welcome addition to the Lawrence canon, but fills an important gap in the garden literature on the middle South.
Lawrence, in her usual exquisite prose, deals with the full range of rock gardening topics in this work. She addresses the unique problem of cultivating rock gardens in the South, where the growing season is prolonged and humidity and heat are not conducive to such planting. She describes her own experiences in making a rock garden, with excellent advice on placing stones, constructing steps, ordering plants, and making cuttings.
At the same time, what she writes about here is in large part of interest to gardeners everywhere and for gardens with or without rocks. As always, she thoroughly discusses the plants she has tried—recommending bulbs and other perennials of all sorts, annuals, and woody plants—with poetic descriptions of the plants themselves as well as specific and useful cultural advice. A Rock Garden in the South includes an encyclopedia of plants alphabetized by genus and species and divided into two parts: wood and non-woody plants.


“As in all her gardening books, Elizabeth Lawrence writes from her own experience and personal records and out of relish and delight. . . . She’s written with the intimacy that comes of full knowledge, true and patient love, a grower’s sense of continuity in the natural world, and a lyricist’s lifetime practice of praise.” — Eudora Welty,

“I have learned more about horticulture, plants, and garden history and literature from Elizabeth Lawrence than from any other one person.” — Katherine White, The New Yorker


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