Averting the Apocalypse

Social Movements in India Today

Averting the Apocalypse

Book Pages: 476 Illustrations: Published: February 1990

Author: Arthur Bonner

Asian Studies > South Asia, Politics > Political Science

There are two Indias: the caste and class elite who hold all power and make up 10 to 15 percent of the population, and everyone else. Averting the Apocalypse is about everyone else. Arthur Bonner, a former New York Times reporter with long experience as a foreign correspondent in Asia, conducted interviews over many months while traveling almost 20,000 miles within India seeking out the underclass and social activists who together are beginning to mobilize for social change at the bottom of Indian society. Working in areas torn by violence, Bonner offers a terrifyingly accurate portrait of a society bloodied by decades of unequal social structure and the absence of a civil society and political mechanism capable of responding to the exploitation of the poor and weak.
Bonner finds that India’s inability or refusal to address its debilitating social structure may be the precursor to an apocalyptic social upheaval unless heed is paid to the social movements that his first-hand investigation reveals.


“An important book, one that should be consulted by those interested in grassroots movements in India and in the future of India.” — Eleanor Zelliot , Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science

Averting the Apocalypse is an important work. It is synthetic, broad, readable, and addressed to absolutely critical issues. It gives a good feel to the gritty reality of India in all its sadness and promise. The accounts of social activists draw the reader in and deliver a sure sense of competing values in human terms. It is a real page-turner.” — Robert Herring


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