Black British Art Histories

An issue of: Nka

Black British Art Histories
Journal Issue Pages: 164 Volume 2019, Number 2 Number: 45 Published: November 2019 An issue of Nka
Until the early 1990s, curating or writing black British art histories was centered mainly on correcting or addressing the systemic absences of such artists from the canons of British art, and modern and contemporary art. However, increased art world attention to individual black British practitioners and scholarship has led to the emergence of expansive, deeply nuanced art histories that do much more than attend to or counter the withering and brutalizing omission of black British artists in both the art scene and art history chronicles. Contributors to this special issue reflect on and expand this work, offering articles that embody perceptive, probing, and illuminating considerations of a range of artists whose practices are fascinating, complex, and of great art historical importance.

Contributors: Ian Bourland, Eddie Chambers, Indie A. Choudhury, Alice Correia, Jody B. Cutler-Bittner, Anjalie Dalal-Clayton, Jareh Das, Richard Hylton, Monique Kerman, Maryam Ohadi-Hamadani, Elizabeth Robles


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