• Acknowledgments  ix

    Introduction: Ethnoracial Intimacies in Blacktino Queer Performance / E. Patrick Johnson and Ramón H. Rivera-Servera  1

    Part I. The love conjure/blues Text Installation / Sharon Bridgforth  21

    1. Reinventing the Black Southern Community in Sharon Bridgforth's The love conjure/blues Text Installation / Matt Richardson  62

    2. Interview with Sharon Bridgforth / Sandra L. Richards  78

    Part II. Machos / Teatro Luna  89

    3. Voicing Masculinity / Tamara Roberts  154

    4. Interview with Coya Paz / Patricial Ybarra  167

    Part III. Strange Fruit: A Performance about Identity Politics / E. Patrick Johnson  179

    5. Passing Strange: E. Patrick Johnson's Strange Fruit / Jennifer DeVere Brody  213

    6. Interview with E. Patrick Johnson / Bernadette Marie Calafell  229

    Part IV. Ah mén / Javier Cardona, translated by Micu and Ramón H. Rivera-Servera  243

    7. Homosociality and Its Discontents: Puerto Rican Masculinities in Javier Cardona's Ah mén / Celiany Rivera-Velázquez and Beliza Torres Narváez  264

    8. Interview with Javier Cardona / Jossianna Arroyo, translated by Ramón H. Rivera-Servera  275

    Part V. Dancin' the Down Low / Jeffrey Q. McCune Jr.  285

    9. Queering Black Identity and Desire: Jeffrey Q. McClune Jr.'s Dancin' the Down Low / Lisa B. Thompson  230

    10. Interview with Jeffrey Q. McClune Jr. / John Keene  331

    Part VI. Cuban Hustle / Cedric Brown  345

    11. Love and Money: Performing Black Queer Diasporic Desire in Cuban Hustle / Marlon M. Bailey  372

    12. Interview with Cedric Brown / D. Soyini Madison  387

    Part VII. Seens from the Unexpectedness of Love / Pamela Booker  395

    13. "Public Intimacy": Women-Loving-Women as Dramaturgical Transgressions / Omi Osun Joni L. Jones  439

    14. Interview with Pamela Booker / Tavia Nyong'o  454

    Part VIII. Berserker / Paul Outlaw  461

    15. What's Nat Turner Doing Up in Here with All These Queers? Paul Outlaw's Beserker; A Black Gay Meditation on Interracial Desire and Disappearing Blackness / Charles I. Nero  486

    16. Interview with Paul Outlaw / Vershawn Ashanti Young  498

    Part IX. I Just Love Andy Gibb: A Play in One Act / Charles Rice-González  509

    17. Learning to Unlove Andy Gibb: Race, Beauty, and the Erotics of Puerto Rican Black Queer Pedagogy / Lawrence La Fountain-Stokes  542

    18. Interview with Charles Rice-González / Ramón H. Rivera-Servera  555

    Contributors  563

    Index  569
  • Jossiana Arroyo

    Marlon Bailey

    Pamela Booker

    Sharon Bridgforth

    Jennifer DeVere Brody

    Cedric Brown

    Coya Paz Brownrigg

    Bernadette M. Calafell

    Javier Cardona

    Omi Osun Joni L. Jones

    John Keene

    Lawrence La Fountain-Stokes

    Soyini Madison

    Jeffrey Q. McCune

    Charles I. Nero

    Tavia Nyong′o

    Paul Outlaw

    Charles Rice-Gonzalez

    Sandra L. Richards

    Matt Richardson

    Celiany Rivera-Velazquez

    Tamara Roberts

    Lisa Thompson

    Beliza Torres Narvaez

    Patricia Ybarra

    Vershawn A. Young

  • "[T]he Blacktino works as presented in this collection rankle and disturb, taunt and tantalize, ripping back skin and exposing raw nerves like no other."

    "A groundbreaking project...."


  • "[T]he Blacktino works as presented in this collection rankle and disturb, taunt and tantalize, ripping back skin and exposing raw nerves like no other."

    "A groundbreaking project...."

  • "Blacktino Queer Performance is brimming with funk and urgency. It gives readers fresh ways to teach, study, and enact the many ways racialized styles, accents, genders, and gestures move in the world and on the stage. As a critical category of inquiry, blacktino gets jiggy with categories of race, region, and ethnic identity, and the result is a train of critical ideas that will push readers out of their silos into new imaginative encounters."  — Juana María Rodríguez, author of, Sexual Futures, Queer Gestures, and Other Latina Longings

    "Blacktino Queer Performance arrives as an essential volume for all concerned with performance and its theory. Its pages bristle with smart and unexpected discoveries arranged with fresh expertise by E. Patrick Johnson and Ramón H. Rivera-Servera. Queer blacktino lives have found worthy theatrical representation in this collection."  — Thomas F. DeFrantz, coeditor of, Black Performance Theory

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  • Description

    Staging an important new conversation between performers and critics, Blacktino Queer Performance approaches the interrelations of blackness and Latinidad through a stimulating mix of theory and art. The collection contains nine performance scripts by established and emerging black and Latina/o queer playwrights and performance artists, each accompanied by an interview and critical essay conducted or written by leading scholars of black, Latina/o, and queer expressive practices. As the volume's framing device, "blacktino" grounds the specificities of black and brown social and political relations while allowing the contributors to maintain the goals of queer-of-color critique. Whether interrogating constructions of Latino masculinity, theorizing the black queer male experience, or examining black lesbian relationships, the contributors present blacktino queer performance as an artistic, critical, political, and collaborative practice. These scripts, interviews, and essays not only accentuate the value of blacktino as a reading device; they radiate the possibilities for thinking through the concepts of blacktino, queer, and performance across several disciplines. Blacktino Queer Performance reveals the inevitable flirtations, frictions, and seductions that mark the contours of any ethnoracial love affair. 

    Contributors. Jossiana Arroyo, Marlon M. Bailey, Pamela Booker, Sharon Bridgforth, Jennifer Devere Brody, Cedric Brown, Bernadette Marie Calafell, Javier Cardona, E. Patrick Johnson, Omi Osun Joni L. Jones, John Keene, Lawrence La Fountain-Stokes, D. Soyini Madison, Jeffrey Q. McCune Jr., Andreea Micu, Charles I. Nero, Tavia Nyong'o, Paul Outlaw, Coya Paz, Charles Rice-González, Sandra L. Richards, Matt Richardson, Ramón H. Rivera-Servera, Celiany Rivera-Velázquez, Tamara Roberts, Lisa B. Thompson, Beliza Torres Narváez, Patricia Ybarra, Vershawn Ashanti Young

    About The Author(s)

    E. Patrick Johnson is Carlos Montezuma Professor of Performance Studies and African American Studies at Northwestern University and the author of Appropriating Blackness: Performance and the Politics of Authenticity, also published by Duke University Press.

    Ramón H. Rivera-Servera is Associate Professor of Performance Studies at Northwestern University and the author of Performing Queer Latinidad: Dance, Sexuality, Politics.
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