• boundary 2: an international journal of literature and culture

    Academic Editor(s):
    Current Volume: 44
    Frequency: Quarterly
    ISSN: 0190-3659
    e-ISSN: 1527-2141

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    • Editorial Office:
      boundary 2
      Department of English
      University of Pittsburgh
      526 Cathedral of Learning
      4200 Fifth Ave.
      Pittsburgh, PA 15260
      412-624-6639 (fax)

      Paul A. Bové, University of Pittsburgh

      Assistant to the Editor:
      Abigail Lind

      Founding Editors:
      Robert Kroetsch
      William V. Spanos

      Managing Editor:
      Margaret A. Havran

      Editorial Collective:
      Jonathan Arac
      Anthony Bogues
      Paul A. Bové
      Arne De Boever
      Nergis Ertürk
      Wlad Godzich
      David Golumbia
      Stathis Gourgouris
      Michael Hays
      R. A. Judy
      Aamir R. Mufti
      Donald E. Pease
      Bruce Robbins
      Hortense Spillers
      Anita Starosta

      Editorial Board:
      Charles Bernstein
      John Beverley
      Joseph A. Buttigieg
      Rey Chow
      Colin Dayan
      Arif Dirlik
      Nuruddin Farah
      Margaret Ferguson
      Anthony Grafton
      Fredric Jameson
      George Lamming
      Marcia Landy
      Gayatri Spivak
      Wang Hui
      Cornel West
      Rob Wilson

      Advisory Editors:
      Rashmi Dube Bhatnagar
      Nancy Condee
      Christopher L. Connery
      Ruth Y. Y. Hung
      Daniel Morgan
      Gavin Steingo
      Christian Thorne
      Q. S. Tong
      Henry Veggian
      Lindsay Waters

      Assistant Editors:
      Tom Eyers
      Leah Feldman
      Annette Damayanti Lienau

  • Editorial correspondence: Paul A. Bové, boundary 2, Department of English, University of Pittsburgh, 526 Cathedral of Learning, 4200 Fifth Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15260; phone: 412-624-6523; fax: 412-624-6639; e-mail: boundary2@pitt.edu.

    The editors of boundary 2 announce that they no longer intend to publish in the standard professional areas, but instead will publish only material that identifies and analyzes the tyrannies of thought and action spreading around the world and that suggests alternatives to these emerging configurations of power. To this end, we wish to inform our readers that, until further notice, the journal will not accept unsolicited manuscripts.

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  • Closing Dates

    February 2018 (45:1) - Closes 10/24/17
    May 2018 (45:2) - Closes 01/29/18
    August 2018 (45:3) - Closes 04/27/18
    November 2018 (45:4) - Closes 08/01/18
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  • Description

    Extending beyond the postmodern, boundary 2, an international journal of literature and culture, approaches problems in these areas from a number of politically, historically, and theoretically informed perspectives. boundary 2 remains committed to understanding the present and approaching the study of national and international culture and politics through literature and the human sciences.

    Abstractors and Indexers:

    Indexed/abstracted in the following: Academic OneFile, Academic Search Alumni Edition, Academic Search Complete, Academic Search Elite, Academic Search Premier, Arts and Humanities Citation Index, Current Contents—Arts and Humanities, Current ContentsSocial and Behavioral Sciences, ERIH PLUS, Expanded Academic ASAP, General OneFile, Humanities Abstracts, Humanities Full Text, Humanities International Complete, Humanities International Index, Humanities Source, IBZ Online, Literary Reference Center, Literature Online, Magazines for Libraries, MLA International Bibliography, OmniFile Full Text Mega, ProQuest Central, ProQuest Discovery, ProQuest Research Library, Scopus, Social Sciences Citation Index, SocINDEX, Sociological Abstracts, Worldwide Political Science Abstracts.

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