Developments in Russian Politics 8

Developments in Russian Politics 8

Book Pages: 320 Illustrations: 18 tables, 2 maps, 9 figures Published: September 2014

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In Developments in Russian Politics 8, leading experts provide a broad-ranging assessment of Putin's third term in power. All essays are either new or comprehensively rewritten for this volume, and  cover executive power, parliamentary politics, the electoral process, the rule of law, foreign policy, the economy, and the military. They also address matters concerning Russia's media and political communication in the digital age; society and social divisions; protest and challenge; and future trajectories for Russian politics. Developments in Russian Politics remains the first-choice introduction to the politics of the world’s largest nation.

Contributors. Vladimir Gel'man, Henry E. Hale, Philip Hanson, Kathryn Hendley, Margot Light, Jennifer Mathers, Ian McAllister, Sarah Oates, Thomas F. Remington, Graeme Robertson, Richard Sakwa, Darrell Slider, Svetlana Stephenson, Stephen White, John P. Willerton


“This book is the most useful compendium for teaching contemporary Russian politics currently on the market…. Recommended.” — P. Rutland, Choice

"An impressive collection of prominent scholars provide detailed analyses of the critical institutions that comprise the Russian state, the wider relationships between the Russian state and its citizens, and specifi c policy formulations regarding the economy, foreign relations, defense, and security.... It will be appealing to anyone searching for a relatively crisp, yet extensive account of Russia’s incomplete and contradictory process of political and economic reform since the collapse of the Soviet Union, with a focus on the Putin era. As such, it would serve as an excellent foundational text for a Russian politics course." — Sarah Henderson, Slavic Review


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Stephen White is James Bryce Professor of Politics at the University of Glasgow, and also Visiting Professor at the Institute of Applied Politics in Moscow.

Richard Sakwa is Professor of Russian and European Politics at the University of Kent, and an Associate Fellow of the Russia and Eurasia Programme at Chatham House in London.

Henry E. Hale is Associate Professor of Political Science and International Affairs at The George Washington University.

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Lists of Illustrative Material  ix
Preface  xi
Notes on Contributors  xiii
List of Abbreviations  xvii
Map of the Russian Federation under the 1993 Constitution  xviii
Glossary  xx
1. Politics in Russia / Richard Sakwa  1
2. The Hegemonic Executive / John P. Willerton  19
3. Parliamentary Politics in Russia / Thomas F. Remington  42
4. The Electoral Process / Stephen White  60
5. Russia's Political Parties and Their Substitutes / Henry E. Hale  77
6. Voting Behaviour / Ian McAllister  97
7. Civil Society and Contentious Politics in Russia / Graeme B. Robertson  117
8. Russia's Media and Political Communication in the Digital Age / Sarah Oates  130
9. Assessing the Rule of Law in Russia / Kathryn Hendley  145
10. A Federal State? / Darrell Slider  157
11. Managing the Economy / Philip Hanson  173
12. Society and Social Divisions in Russia / Svetlana Stephenson  192
13. Foreign Policy / Margot Light  211
14. The Military, Security and Politics / Jennifer G. Mathers  231
15. Trajectories of Russian Politics: An Interpretation / Vladimir Gel'man  247
Guide to Further Reading  264
References  271
Index  297
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