Environment in the Global Arena

Actors, Values, Policies, and Futures

Environment in the Global Arena

Duke Press Global Issues Series

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Book Pages: 207 Illustrations: Published: March 1985

Environmental Studies, Politics > Political Science

Volumes in the Global Issues series address the problems of energy and environment as matters of international concern, and a forthcoming volume provides an overview of all these areas.

The issues in the series are each considered within a systematic framework common to all. Each volume begins with a historical background and then the issues are placed in their contemporary context. Four distinct perspectives are presented: (1) Who are the "global actors" involved in the issue, and what are the linkages among them? (2) What prevailing values are operating, and how have the relevant actors responded to those values? (3) What policies are applied by these actors at the global level, and how are these policies determined? (4) What are the possible results of the values and policies of these global actors?



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Series Preface ix

Preface xiii

1. Environment as a Global Issue - Kenneth A. Dahlberg 1

What Is the Environment? 1

Key Concepts 2

Cultural and Historical Roots 6

Problems of Evaluation and Forecasting 18

Global Environmental Threats and Limits 25

Responses to Global Environmental Threats 39

2. Environmental Actors - Anne Thompson Feraru 43

Types of Environmental Actors 44

Environmental Actors and the Stockholm Conference 54

The New Environmental Actor: The UN Environmental Program 57

UN Conference on Global Issues 60

3. Environmental Values - Marvin S. Soroos 68

Basic Environmental Values 70

Peace and the Environment 78

Economic Development and the Environment 81

Summary 85

4. Environmental Policies - Marvin S. Soroos 86

The Tragedy of the Commons 86

Case Study 1: Living Resources of the Ocean 93

Case Study 2: The Extinction of Terrestrial Species 98

Case Study 3: Oil Pollution in the Oceans 103

Case Study 4: Transboundary Acid Rain 109

Summary and Conclusions 113

5. The Futures of the Environment - Marvin s. Soroos 116

Envisioning the Future 116

Global Environmental Forecasts 120

Global Environmental Designs 126

Summary and Conclusions 138

6. The Environmental Issues Revisited - James E. Harf and B. Thomas Trout 141

Why Is It Happening? 141

The Last Decade 144

UNEP Today 161

Conclusion 163

Notes 165

Bibliography 172

Index 183

Contributors 187
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