Gendered and Sexual Mobilities

An issue of: Journal of Middle East Women's Studies

Gendered and Sexual Mobilities
Journal Issue Pages: 156 Volume 13, Number 2 Published: July 2017 An issue of Journal of Middle East Women's Studies
The theme of this issue,“Gendered and Sexual Mobilities”, highlights the significance of mobility for our understanding of gendered and sexual difference. The four articles speak to the centrality of visibility and surveillance when it comes to understanding the ways in which mobility can both enable and subvert the oppression of subaltern subjects. Many of the gendered and sexual subjects in these articles find themselves inscribed within fields of visibility that fix and frame them as morally dangerous bodies. Engaging with questions of mobility and difference enables us to illuminate how difference is fixed and framed through regimes of visibility, certification, and regulation—and how subjects recast, resist, and undermine these practices.


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