Gramsci in the World

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Antonio Gramsci's Prison Notebooks have offered concepts, categories, and political solutions that have been applied in a variety of social and political contexts, from postwar Italy to the insurgencies of the Arab Spring. The contributors to Gramsci in the World examine the diverse receptions and uses of Gramscian thought, highlighting its possibilities and limits for understanding and changing the world. Among other topics, they explore Gramsci's importance to Caribbean anticolonial thinkers like Stuart Hall, his presence in decolonial indigenous movements in the Andes, and his relevance to understanding the Chinese Left. The contributors consider why Gramsci has had relatively little impact in the United States while also showing how he was a major force in pushing Marxism beyond Europe—especially into the Arab world and other regions of the Global South. Rather than taking one interpretive position on Gramsci, the contributors demonstrate the ongoing relevance of his ideas to revolutionary theory and praxis.

Contributors. Alberto Burgio, Cesare Casarino, Maria Elisa Cevasco, Kate Crehan, Roberto M. Dainotto, Michael Denning, Harry Harootunian, Fredric Jameson, R. A. Judy, Patrizia Manduchi, Andrea Scapolo, Peter D. Thomas, Catherine Walsh, Pu Wang, Cosimo Zene


“Practically from the first to the last page, this is a fabulous book. Not only does it attest to the productive interdisciplinary use of Gramsci's conceptual instruments in the analysis of contemporary sociocultural and political developments across many global regions; it also underscores the fact that the critico-philological reconstructions of Gramsci's theoretical frameworks are far from complete. Newcomers to Gramscian studies—as well as experienced scholars—will profit from this extraordinary collection of essays. It reflects a most capacious editorial spirit anchored in creative autonomy, historical integrity, and transnational sensitivities.” — Renate Holub, author of Antonio Gramsci: Beyond Marxism and Postmodernism

“Comprehensive in its geographical and historical range, and impressive in its intellectual rigor, theoretical sophistication, and historical sensitivity, Gramsci in the World locates questions surrounding Gramsci's ideas within debates that are central to much of contemporary theoretical, moral, intellectual, and political writing. A significant and necessary contribution to Gramsci scholarship, this volume demonstrates that his ideas and writing will continue to exert a deep influence in the twenty-first century.” — Benedetto Fontana, author of Hegemony and Power: On the Relation between Gramsci and Machiavelli


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Roberto M. Dainotto is Professor of Romance Studies at Duke University.

Fredric Jameson is Knut Schmidt-Nielsen Professor of Comparative Literature at Duke University.

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Note on Sources  ix
Preface; Gramsci in the World / Fredric Jameson  xi
Introduction / Roberto Dainotto  1
1. Toward the Modern Prince / Peter D. Thomas  17
2. Gramsci, Historian of Modernity / Alberto Burgio  38
3. Adam Smith: A Bourgeois Organic Intellectual? ? Kate Crehan  60
4. Gramsci's Bergson / Cesare Casarino  77
5. Scattered Ashes: The Reception of the Gramscian Legacy in Postwar Italy / Andrea Scapoio  93
6. Subalterns in the World: Typologies and Nexus with Different Forms of Religious Experience / Cosimo Zene  113
7. Some Reflections on Gramsci: The Southern Question in the Deprovincializing of Marx / Harry Harootunian  140
8. Why No Gramsci in the United States? / Michael Denning  158
9. Gramsci on la questione del negri: Gli intellettuali and the Poesis of Americanization / R. A. Judy  165
10. Reverse Hegemony? / Maria Elisa Cevasco  179
11. Thinking Andean Abya Yala with and against Gramsci: Notes on State, Nature, and Buen Vivir / Catherine E. Walsh  190
12. Gramsci and the Chinese Left: Reappraising a Missed Encounter / Pu Wang  204
13. Antonio Gramsci in the Arab World: The Ongoing Debate / Patrizia Manduchi  224
Works Cited  241
Contributors  259
Index  263
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