• Acknowledgments ix

    Introduction xi

    The Nineteenth Century in Europe

    On the Daguerrotype / Elizabeth Barrett Browning 2

    A Lady Photographer who Never Photographs Men / Alice Hughes 3

    Annals of My Glass House / Julia Margaret Cameron 8

    Photography During the July Monarchy 1830-1848 / Gisele Freund 14

    The Camera Against the Paris Commune / Gen Doy 21

    Extending the Grand Tour / Maria Morris Hambourg 32

    Tracing Nadar / Rosalind Krauss 37

    New Visions - The Avant-Gardes and After

    Germany: The Weimar Republic / Ute Eskildsen 53

    Photomontage Varvara Stepanova 64

    The Supremacy of the Message - Dada / Dawn Ades 66

    A Hundred Years of Photography / Lucia Moholy 70

    I Worked with Man Ray / Lee Miller 74

    The Photographic Conditions of Surrealism / Rosalind Krauss 76

    A Mutable Mirror: Claude Cahun / Therese Lichtenstein 91

    The Armed Vision Disarmed - Radical Formalism from Weapon to Style / Abigail Solomon-Godeau 96

    Distant Voices: Fashion and Portraiture in the Studio in the Inter-War Years

    Olive Edis: Photography, 1914 119

    Exhibitions and Commercial Work / Madame Yevonde 121

    In Pursuit of Perfection / Dorothy Wilding 125

    Early Years / Louise Dahl-Wolfe 127

    Pictures and Stories: Documentary and Reportage in North America

    Life Begins / Margaret Bourke-White 133

    Looking at Life / Carol Squiers 140

    The Assignment I'll Never Forget / Dorothea Lange 151

    A Crisis in the Intimate / Andrea FIsher 161

    One Time, One Place / Eudora Welty 165

    The Photo League / Anne Tucker 165

    Documentary Photography / Elizabeth McCausland 170

    The Politics of Photography / Jo Spence 174

    The Seige of St Malo / Lee Miller 178

    Star Wars: The Photography as Polemicist in Vietnam / Jan Zita Grover 185

    History Lessons

    Photography at the Crossroads / Berenice Abbott 203

    What Shall We Tell the Children? Photography and Its Text (Books) / Mary Warner Marien 207

    Crowned with Thorns: Creative Camera 1965-1978 / Val Williams 223

    On Photography / Susan Sontag 230

    On Photographers

    What Becomes a Legend Most: The Short, Sad Career of Diane Arbus / Catherine Lord 237

    Tina Modotti: Letters to Edward Weston / Amy Rule 251

    On Photography / Tina Modotti 260

    Re-reading Edward Weston - Feminism, Photography and Psychoanalysis / Roberta McGrath 261

    Ansel Adams: The Eloquent Light / Nancy Newhall 270

    Good Intentions / Ingrid Sischy 272

    Witkin's Others / Cynthia Chris 283

    The Other Side / Nan Goldin 291

    Time Exposure: The Photographs of Patrick Faigenbaum / Lauren Sedofsky 295

    Cindy Sherman: Burning Down the House / Jan Avgikos 300

    Postmodernisms and the Politics of Looking

    Winning the Game When the Rules Have Been Changed: Art Photography and Postmodernism / Abigail Solomon-Godeau 307

    Two Types of Photography Criticism Located in Relation to Lynn Silverman's Series / Meaghan Morris 319

    Of Mother Nature and Marlboro Men: An Inquiry into the Cultural Meanings of Landscape Photography / Deborah Bright 333

    Dykes in Context: Some Problems in Minority Representation / Jan Zita Grover 348

    Dialogue with Spectatorship: Barbara Kruger and Victor Burgin / Laura Mulvey 377

    Between Frames / Susan Butler 386

    The Pleasure of the Phototext / Jane Gallop 394

    Interview: Fetishism of Black-and-White and the Vulgarity of Colour 403

    Decolonizing the Image

    Partial Recall / Lucy Lippard 413

    The Unveiled: Algerian Women / Carole Naggar 422

    Essential Differences, Photographs of Mexican Women / Coco Fusco 434

    A Strategy of Appearances - The Australian Bicentenary / Anne-Marie Willis 442

    Showing Our Faces - A Century of Black Women Photographed / Jewelle Gomez 448

    Memories and Fictions

    Gateway to a Labyrinth / Liz Heron 457

    Isak Dinesen and Photo/Graphic Recollection / Susan H. Aiken 460

    Remembrance / Annette Kuhn 471

    Notes 479

    Additional Notes on the Contributors 513

    Copyrights and Permissions 518

  • Elizabeth Barrett Browning

    Alice Hughes

    Julia Margaret Cameron

    Gisele Freund

    Gen Doy

    Maria Morris Hambourg

    Rosalind Krauss

    Ute Eskildsen

    Varvara Stepanova

    Dawn Ades

    Lucia Moholy

    Lee Miller

    Therese Lichtenstein

    Abigail Solomon-Godeau

    Olive Edis

    Madame Yevonde

    Dorothy Wilding

    Louise Dahl-Wolfe

    Margaret Bourke-White

    Carol Squiers

    Dorothea Lange

    Andrea Fisher

    Eudora Welty

    Anne Tucker

    Elizabeth McCausland

    Jo Spence

    Jan Zita Grover

    Berenice Abbott

    Mary Warner Marien

    Val Williams

    Susan Sontag

    Catherine Lord

    Amy Rule

    Tina Modotti

    Roberta McGrath

    Nancy Newhall

    Ingrid Sischy

    Nan Goldin

    Lauren Sedofsky

    Jan Avgikos

    Meaghan Morris

    Deborah Bright

    Laura Mulvey

    Susan Butler

    Jane Gallop

    Karen Knorr

    Lucy Lippard

    Carole Naggar

    Judith Maria Gutman

    Coco Fusco

    Anne-Marie Willis

    Jewelle Gomez

    Liz Heron

    Susan Aiken

    Annette Kuhn

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  • Description

    The first anthology of its kind, Illuminations presents a comprehensive selection of women’s writings on photography. It proposes a new and different history by demonstrating the ways in which women’s perspectives have advanced photographic criticism over the last 150 years.
    Extraordinarily wide-ranging in its scope, this collection chronicles the role of women in photography as critics, historians, and practitioners. Readers will find Julia Margaret Cameron’s bold description of her photographic method, Rosalind Krauss’s exploration of what the camera means for Surrealism, Margaret Bourke-White and Carol Squiers with differing perspectives on Life magazine, as well as essays by Eudora Welty, Susan Sontag, Lucy Lippard, Berenice Abbott, Dorthea Lange, and many others. Illuminations begins with a short piece on the daguerreotype by Elizabeth Barrett Browning then moves through the avant-garde influence of Dada, Bauhaus, and surrealism, to fashion and portrait photography, continuing with documentary and reportage, the emergence of feminist analysis, and postmodern and postcolonial criticism. Encompassing many varied points of view, this volume offers pieces on individual photographers such as Diane Arbus, Ansel Adams, Barbara Kruger, Edward Weston, and Cindy Sherman along with theoretical work by contemporary writers including Jane Gallop, Coco Fusco, and Laura Mulvey.
    An historic anthology, Illuminations shows that women have been writing about photography from its beginnings and have intervened in the key debates of the past century and a half. It will welcomed by those interested in photography, gender studies, and women and the arts.

    Contributors. Berenice Abbott, Dawn Ades, Susan H. Aiken, Jan Avgikos, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Margaret Bourke-White, Deborah Bright, Susan Butler, Julia Margaret Cameron, Cynthia Chris, Louise Dahl-Wolfe, Gen Doy, Olive Edis, Ute Eskildsen, Andrea Fisher, Gisèle Freund, Coco Fusco, Jane Gallop, Nan Goldin, Jewelle Gomez, Jan Zita Grover, Judith Mara Gutman, Maria Morris Hambourg, Liz Heron, Alice Hughes, Karen Knorr, Rosalind Krauss, Annette Kuhn, Dorothea Lange, Therese Lichtenstein, Lucy Lippard, Catherine Lord, Mary Warner Marien, Elizabeth McCausland, Roberta McGrath, Lee Miller, Tina Modotti, Lucia Moholy, Laura Mulvey, Carole Naggar, Nancy Newhall, Amy Rule, Lauren Sedofsky, Ingrid Sischy, Abigail Solomon-Godeau, Susan Sontag, Jo Spence, Carol Squiers, Varvara Stepanova, Anne Tucker, Eudora Welty, Dorothy Wilding, Val Wiliams, Anne-Marie Willis, Madame Yevonde

    About The Author(s)

    Liz Heron’s writings on photography have appeard in Camerawork, Creative Camera and Aperture. She is the author of Streets of Desire and A Red River.
    Val Williams is an independent writer and curator. She is the author of Warworks and The Other Observers.

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