International Environmental Policy

From the Twentieth to the Twenty-First Century

International Environmental Policy

Book Pages: 496 Illustrations: Published: December 1996

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In this newly revised and expanded edition of the award-winning International Environmental Policy, Lynton Keith Caldwell updates his comprehensive survey of the global international movement for protection of the environment. Serving as a history of international cooperation on environmental issues, this book focuses primarily on the development of international agreements and institutional arrangements—both governmental and nongovernmental—along with the impact of science, technology, trade, and communication on environmental policy. With implications for multinational commerce, population policy, agriculture, energy issues, biological and cultural diversity, transnational equity, ideology, and education, this book takes a broad view of the policy outcomes of what may be the most important social movement of the 20th century, and addresses the events and politics that have significantly affected the movement over the last twenty years and will continue to affect it into the next century.


In praise of the second edition:
International Environmental Policy . . . is of great interest as it provides both policy-makers and academics with an overview of the international milieu on environmental policy. . . . As a comprehensive and up-to-date survey of the international efforts for environmental protection the book fulfills a very vital role.” — S. Mohan Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research

International Environmental Policy provides the definitive historical tontext for understanding international environmental policy in the 20th century.” — Edith Brown Weiss, Georgetown University Law Center


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Lynton Keith Caldwell is Arthur F. Bentley Professor of Political Science Emeritus and Professor of Public and Environmental Affairs at Indiana University. The first edition of International Environmental Policy received the 1985 Harold and Margaret Sprout Award from the International Studies Association.

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Acknowledgments vii

Defense of Earth in a Changing World: An Introduction 1

1. Comprehending the Environment 11

2. Growth of International Concern 32

3. The Road to Stockholm 48

4. The Stockholm Conference 63

5. Post-Stockholm Assessment 79

6. Rio de Janeiro and Agenda 21 104

7. International Structures for Environmental Policy 121

8. Transnational Regimes and Regional Agreements 158

9. International Commons: Air, Sea, Outer Space 202

10. Sustainability: Population, Resources, Development 242

11. Enhancing the Quality of Life: Natural and Cultural Environments 278

12. Strategies for Global Environmental Protection 323

13. A Changing World Order: Into the Twenty-First Century 350


A. Abbreviations 361

B. Representative Listing of International Organizations and Programs 370

C. Events of Significance for Protection of the Biosphere, 1945-1995 375

D. Selected Treaties of Environmental Significance, 1946-1995 380

E. Environmental Soft Law: Declarations, Resolutions, Recommendations, Principles 384

Notes and References 389

Index to Topics and Institutions 469

Index to Authors 483
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