Man-Made Medicine

Women’s Health, Public Policy, and Reform

Man-Made Medicine

Book Pages: 304 Illustrations: Published: October 1996

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If not for the reproductive functions of women, would there be anything called women’s health care? A review of medical literature, practice, and policy in this country would suggest that the answer is no. Offering a startling view of the current state of health care for women in the United States and laying the foundation for a new, widely defined women’s medicine, Man-Made Medicine makes an urgent statement about gender bias in the medical establishment and its pernicious effects on the well-being of women and the care they receive.
These essays by physicians, lawyers, activists, and scholars present a rare interdisciplinary approach to a complex set of issues. Gender stereotyping and bias in the collection, analysis, and reporting of scientific data and in the ways health-related news is covered by the media are examined. The exclusion of women from the health care policy-making process and the effect such exclusion has on the determination of priorities among potential areas of research are also explored. With discussions of the plight of specific populations of women whose health care needs are not being sufficiently met—for example, immigrants, prisoners, the mentally ill, or women with HIV/AIDS, disabilities, or reproductive health problems—this book considers matters of race and class within the parameters of gender as it builds a fundamental challenge to the existing health care system. A range of current reform proposals are also evaluated in terms of their potential impact on women.
Suggesting no less than a radical rethinking of women’s medicine, Man-Made Medicine gives essential direction to the discussions that will shape the future of health care in this country. It will be of great interest to a wide audience, including health care advocates, policymakers, scholars, and readers generally concerned with women’s health issues.

Contributors. Ellen Barry, Laurie Beck, Joan Bertin, Janet Calvo, Wendy Chavkin, Kay Dickersin, Abigail English, Elizabeth Fee, Carol Gill, Nancy Krieger, Joyce McConnell, Judy Norsigian, Ann Scales, Susan Stefan, Lauren Schnaper, Catherine Teare


Man-Made Medicine’s insightful essays about women’s medical mistreatment turn upside down that tired notion that biology is destiny: it is rather, as one of the essayists puts it, society’s sexist conception of femininity that ‘gets into the body and transforms our biology.’ This is an important book that health policymakers should be reading, and following.” — Susan Faludi

“This unique anthology fills a void in the literature of public health policy. It provides a prism for understanding how women’s well being is affected by hidden assumptions about color, class, and culture. Destined to become a classic, it is an indispensable guide in distinguishing science from pseudo-science, myth and mirage from medical fact.” — Patricia Williams, Professor of Law, Columbia University


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Kary L. Moss is Executive Director of the ACLU of Michigan.

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Editor's Acknowledgments vii

Introduction: The Making and Interpretation of Science 1

1. Man-Made Medicine and Women's Health: The Biopolitics of Sex/Gender and Race/Ethnicity / Nancy Krieger and Elizabeth Fee 15

2. Of Headlines and Hypotheses: The Role of Gender in Popular Press Coverage of Women's Health and Biology / Joan E. Bertin and laurie R. Beck 37

3. Reinventing Medical Research / Kay Dickersin and Lauren Schnaper, M.D. 57

Moving From the Periphery

4. The Women's Health Movement in the United States / Judy Norsigian 79

5. For Women's Health: Uncoupling Health Care Reform from Tort Reform / Joyce E. McConnell 99

6. Women, Girls, and the HIV Epidemic / Catherie Teare and Abigail English 123

7. Health Care Access for Immigrant Women / Janet M. Calvo 161

8. Cultivating Common Ground: Women with Disabilities / Carol J. Gill 183

9. Reforming the Provision of Mental Health Treatment / Susan Stefan 195

10. Abortion, Law ,and Public Health / Ann Scales with Wendy Chavkin, M.D. 219

11. Women Prisoners and Health Care: Locked Up and Locked Out / Ellen M. Barry 249

Notes on Contributors 273

Index 279
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