Marianne Moore

An issue of: Twentieth-Century Literature

Marianne Moore
Journal Issue Pages: 148 Volume 63, Number 4 Published: December 2017 An issue of Twentieth-Century Literature
Special Issue Editor(s): Heather Cass White, Fiona Green
The five essays collected in this special issue focus closely on the period many have identified as a turning point for poet Marianne Moore: the poems and essays she published between 1935 and 1944. The recent editions of The Pangolin and Other Verse and What Are Years account in part for this focus, but there are particular aspects of Moore’s career in this crucial decade that also compel attention. Like other poets of her generation, Moore turned her mind more fully to national and world events in the 1930s; with this came the explicitly ethical emphasis in her writing. All articles in this issue use detailed case studies to make larger claims about criticism, revision, verse form, performance, and politics.


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