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  • 1. Introduction–Andrew McNamara and Peter Krapp

    2. War, Terrorism, and Spectacle: On Towers and Caves–Samuel Weber

    3. Abstraction and Aura–Keith Broadfoot

    4. Apprehension? Performativity and Medium-Specificity in Modern Art–Andrew McNamara

    5. "Bright Shadows": Art, Aboriginality, and Aura–Rex Butler

    6. Getting to the Photo Finish: Photography, Autobiography, Modernity–Catherine Liu

    7. The Idiom in Photography As the Truth in Painting–Rosemary Hawker

    8. Art in the "Post-Medium" Era: Aesthetics and Conceptualism in the Art of Jeff Wall–Toni Ross

    9. The Ghost in the Machine: The Comedy of Technology in the Cinema of Buster Keaton–Lisa Trahair

    10. Unforgiven: Fausse Reconnaissance–Peter Krapp

    11. Fama/Chain of Muses: Two Classical Problems of Literary Studies with "the Media"–Georg Stanitzek, translated by Peter Krapp

    12. Between Real Time and Memory on Demand: Reflections on/of Television–Wolfgang Ernst

    13. Blade Runners: Speculations on Narrative and Interactivity–Patrick Crogan

    14. Media Metaphorology: Irritations in the Epistemic Field of Media Studies–Georg Christoph Tholen

    15. The Image As an Architectural Material–John Macarthur

    16. Responding: A Discussion with Samuel Weber–Simon Morgan Wortham and Gary Hall

    17. Notes on Contributors

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  • Description

    The fact that the mass media constitute such a ubiquitous presence in contemporary life often leads to the assumption that medium or media emerged as a specific issue only with the advent of mass media. The question of medium is today almost totally subsumed within discussions of the mass media. In this context, it is always regarded as plural. Yet the issue of the medium became a central concern of modernist art almost a century and a half ago. This collection of essays seeks to reopen this long history of exploration and engagement and to scrutinize the role of the medium in areas as diverse as modernist, contemporary, and avant-garde art, photography, cinema, and architecture, as well as in the more familiar guises of electronic media including television and computer games.

    Contributors. Keith Broadfoot, Rex Butler, Patrick Crogan, Wolfgang Ernst, Gary Hall, Rosemary Hawker, Peter Krapp, Catherine Liu, John MacArthur, Andrew McNamara, Toni Ross, Lisa Trahair, Georg Stanitzek, Georg Christoph Tholen, Lisa Trahair, Samuel Weber, Simon Morgan Wortham

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