Method as Method

An issue of: Prism

Method as Method
Journal Issue Pages: 264 Volume 16, Number 2 Published: October 2019 An issue of Prism
Special Issue Editor: Carlos Rojas
In 1960, Japanese scholar of Chinese literature Takeuchi Yoshimi gave a pair of lectures titled “Asia as Method,” in which he considered how one might engage with Western theory from an East Asian perspective. Since then, it has been fashionable to use the “X as method” formulation to take what might have otherwise been an object of analysis and use it to elaborate an innovative methodology. Drawing inspiration from the numerous recent books and articles built around that formulation, contributors to this issue propose breaking the linkage between methodologies and objects or phenomena that inspired them and then applying them to a broader array of topics. Essays address the meanings that get left out in the process of translation, artistic representations of garbage, indigenous eco-fiction from Inner Mongolia, the role of cannibalism in a popular Hong Kong television series, and the implications of Taiwan legalizing same-sex marriage. The issue focuses on topics related to China in hopes of reassessing the assumptions that have come to define the concept of "China" and its relationship to the West.

Contributors. Yomi Braester, Hsiao-hung Chang, Margaret Hillenbrand, Chun-kit Ko, Belinda Kong, Petrus Liu, Laikwan Pang, Christopher Rea, Carlos Rojas, Shuang Shen, Robin Visser, Lorraine Wong


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