New Asian Marxisms

New Asian Marxisms

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Book Pages: 440 Illustrations: 5 illustrations Published: April 2002

Asian Studies, Literature and Literary Studies > Literary Theory, Theory and Philosophy > Marxism

Displaying the particular vitality of the global traditions of Marxism and neomarxism at the beginning of the twenty-first century, New AsianMarxisms collects essays by a diverse group of scholars—historians, political scientists, literary scholars, and sociologists—who offer a range of studies of the Marxist heritage focusing on Korea, Japan, India, and China.

While some of these essays take up key thinkers in Marxist history or draw attention to outstanding problematics, others focus on national literature and discourse in North and South Korea, the "Mao Zedong Fever" of the 1990s, the implications of Li Dazhao's poetry, and the Indian Naxalite movement.  Illustrating the importance of central analytical categories like exploitation, alienation, and violence to studies on the politics of knowledge, contributors confront prevailing global consumerist fantasies
with accounts of political struggle, cultural displacement, and theoretical strategies.

Contributors. Tani E. Barlow, Dai Jinhua, Michael Dutton, D. R. Howland, Marshall Johnson, Liu Kang, You-me Park, William Pietz, Claudia Pozzana, Alessandro Russo, Sanjay Seth, Gi-Wook Shin, Sugiyama Mitsunobu, Jing Wang


“I read this volume not so much as wishful thinking but as a coming to terms. The prefatory remarks of Tani Barlow, godmother of the positions project, are well-nigh wistful. . . . Superb.” — Sino-Platonic Papers

NewAsian Marxisms brilliantly dramatizes how contemporary scholars have remembered Marxism in Asia of an earlier time and how this 'afterlife' today calls into question the amnesia of Western Marxism and its own complicity with exclusions identified with the culturalist claims of a ‘unified’ West. While the essays in this volume are all concerned with a particular place and time, they also remind us of what so often is forgotten--that Marxism is at home only in the world.” — Harry Harootunian, New York University


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Tani E. Barlow is founder and editor of positions and teaches Chinese Women’s history at the University of Washington. She is the editor of Formations of Colonial Modernity in East Asia and Gender Politics in Modern China, both of which are published by Duke University Press.

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Preface: Everything Diverges / Tani E. Barlow

Introduction: Decency and Debasement / William Pietz

Dreaming of Better Times: “Repetition with a Difference” and Community Policing in China / Michael Dutton

Constructing Perry’s “Chinaman” in the Context of Adorno and Benjamin / D. R. Howland

Redemption and Consumption: Depicting Culture in the 1990s / Dai Jinhua

Making Time: Historic Preservation and the Space of Nationality / Marshall Johnson

Aesthetics and Chinese Marxism / Liu Kang

The World Conception of Japanese Social Science: The Kõza Faction, the Otsuka School, and the Uno School of Economics / Sugiyama Mitsunobu

“And They Would Start Again”: Women and Struggle in Korean National Literature / You-me Park

Spring, Temporality, and History in Li Dazhao / Claudia Pozzana

Spring / Li Dazhao

The Probable Defeat: Preliminary Notes on the Chinese Cultural Revolution / Alessandro Russo

Interpreting Revolutionary Excess: The Naxalite Movement in India, 1967–1971 / Sanjay Seth

Marxism, Anti-Americanism, and Democracy in South Korea: An Examination of Nationalist Intellectual Discourse / Gi-Wook Shin

“Who Am I?”—Questions of Voluntarism in the Paradigm of Socialist Alienation / Jing Wang


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