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On Melville

Best from American Literature

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Book Pages: 300 Illustrations: Published: August 1988

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From 1929 to the latest issue, American Literature has been the foremost journal expressing the findings of those who study our national literature. The journal has published the best work of literary historians, critics, and bibliographers, ranging from the founders of the discipline to the best current critics and researchers. The longevity of this excellence lends a special distinction to the articles in American Literature.
Presented in order of their first appearance, the articles in each volume constitute a revealing record of developing insights and important shifts of critical emphasis. Each article has opened a fresh line of inquiry, established a fresh perspective on a familiar topic, or settled a question that engaged the interest of experts.



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Series Introduction vii

The Anatomy of Melville's Fame (1931) / O.W. Riegel 1

Herman Melville's "I and My Chimney" (1941) / Merton M. Sealts 10

Meville's "Sociality" (1945) / R. E. Watters 23

Melville's "The Town-Ho's Story" (1949) / Sherman Paul 40

Melville's " 'Soiled' Fish of the Sea" (1949) / John W. Nichol 50

Melville on Homer (1950) / R. W. B. Lewis 52

Some Notes on the Structure of The Confidence-Man (1957) / John G. Cawelti 62

Hawthorne, Melville, and "Blackness" (1965) / Hubert H. Hoeltje 73

The Domestic Adventures in Melville's Tales (1965) / Judith Slater 84

Redburn and the Faillure of Mythic Criticism (1967) / James Schroeter 97

"Cock-A-Doodle-Doo!" and Some Legends in Melville Scholarship (1968) / Sidney P. Moss 116

Melville and the Negro: From Typee to "Benito Cereno" (1969) / Eleanor E. Simpson 135

Melville's Bachelors and Maids: Interpretation Through Symbol and Metaphor (1969) / Beryl Rowland 155

Melville and the Theme of Timonism: From Pierre to The Confidence-Man (1972) / Charles N. Watson, Jr. 172

Vera's Use of the "Forms": Means and Ends in Billy Budd (1975) / Christopher W. Sten 188

The Composition of Moby-Dick (1975) / James Barbour 203

Form as Vision in Herman Melville's Clarel (1979) / Bryan C. Short 221

Moby-Dick: The Transformation of the Faustian Ethos (1979) / Gustaaf Van Cromphout 238

Melville's Comic Debate: Geniality and the Aesthetics of Repose (1983) / John Bryant 254

Index 275
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