Out Takes

Essays on Queer Theory and Film

Book Pages: 376 Illustrations: 55 b&w photographs Published: May 1999

Cultural Studies, Gender and Sexuality > Queer Theory, Media Studies > Film

This collection brings together the work of both film scholars and queer theorists to advance a more sophisticated notion of queer film criticism. While the “politics of representation” has been the focus of much previous gay and lesbian film criticism, the contributors to Out Takes employ the approaches of queer theory to move beyond conventional readings and to reexamine aspects of the cinematic gaze in relation to queer desire and spectatorship.

The essays examine a wide array of films, including Calamity Jane, Rear Window, The Hunger, Heavenly Creatures, and Bound , and discuss such figures as Doris Day, Elizabeth Taylor, and Alfred Hitchcock. Divided into three sections, the first part reconsiders the construction of masculinity and male homoerotic desire—especially with respect to the role of women—in classic cinema of the 1940s and 1950s. The second section offers a deconstructive consideration of lesbian film spectatorship and lesbian representation. Part three looks at the historical trajectory of independent queer cinema, including works by H.D., Kenneth Anger, and Derek Jarman.

By exploring new approaches to the study of sexuality in film, Out Takes will be useful to scholars in gay and lesbian studies, queer theory, and cinema studies.

Contributors. Bonnie Burns, Steven Cohan, Alexander Doty, Lee Edelman, Michelle Elleray, Jim Ellis, Ellis Hanson, D. A. Miller, Eric Savoy, Matthew Tinkcom, Amy Villarejo, Jean Walton



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Ellis Hanson is Assistant Professor of English at Cornell University.

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Introduction: Out Takes / Ellis Hanson

Cruise Control: Rethinking Masculinity in Classic Cinema

Queering the Deal: On the Road with Hope and Crosby / Steven Cohan

The Queer Aesthete, the Diva, and The Red Shoes / Alexander Doty

Rear Window's Glasshole / Lee Edelman

Visual Pleasure in 1959 / D. A. Miller

Lesbian Looks: Desire, Identification, Fantasy

Cassandra's Eyes / Bonnie Burns

"That Ain't All She Ain't": Doris Day and Queer Performativity / Eric Savoy

Lesbians Who Bite / Ellis Hanson

Heavenly Creatures in Godzone / Michelle Elleray

Queering the Reel: Sexual Politics and Independent Cinema

White Neurotics, Black Primitives, and the Queer Matrix of Borderline / Jean Walton

Scandalous! Kenneth Anger and the Prohibitions of Hollywood History / Matthew Tinkcom

Queer Period: Derek Jarman's Renaissance / Jim Ellis

Forbidden Love: Pulp as Lesbian History / Amy Villarejo



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