Political Change and Underdevelopment

A Critical Introduction to Third World Politics

Political Change and Underdevelopment

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In this completely revised second edition, Vicky Randall and Robin Theobald review the principal theoretical approaches to the postwar study of Third World politics. Instead of undergoing Western-model modernization as predicted, developing countries have seen the proliferation of one-party states, military coups, communal violence, corruption, and economic dependence. Randall and Theobald survey and analyze the varied theories born of these developments, with examples from such nations as Chile, Indonesia, Pakistan, Syria, Ghana, Nigeria, and Tanzania.

This second edition has been expanded to include discussions of the international debt crisis, the impact of globalization on the postcolonial world, the rise of newly industrialized countries, and the upsurge in religion-based conflict in the post–Cold War era. Describing the strengths and weaknesses of the existing interpretive approaches to these issues, the authors explore the often difficult relationship between political change and economic development. At the same time they provide a comprehensive view into the turbulent politics of the Third World and suggest how future analysis can build on present approaches to reflect political reality more fully.
An essential text for students of political science and Third World societies, this volume will also interest anyone seeking a clearer understanding of the current issues underlying the politics of these countries.



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Robin Theobald is Principal Lecturer in Organization Studies at the University of Westminster. He is the author of Understanding Industrial Society and Corruption, Development, and Underdevelopment.

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Preface vii

Introduction 1

Towards a Politics of Modernisation and Development 17

Modernisation Revisionism 45

The Emergence of a Politics of Order 86

Dependency Theory and the Study of Politics 120

The State and Civil Society 166

Globalisation and the Study of Political Change 222

Bibliography 266

Index 282
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