Punk and Revolution

Seven More Interpretations of Peruvian Reality

Book Pages: 248 Illustrations: 63 illustrations, 8 page color Published: November 2016

Author: Shane Greene

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In Punk and Revolution Shane Greene radically uproots punk from its iconic place in First World urban culture, Anglo popular music, and the Euro-American avant-garde, situating it instead as a crucial element in Peru's culture of subversive militancy and political violence. Inspired by José Carlos Mariátegui's Seven Interpretive Essays on Peruvian Reality, Greene explores punk's political aspirations and subcultural possibilities while complicating the dominant narratives of the war between the Shining Path and the Peruvian state. In these seven essays, Greene experiments with style and content, bends the ethnographic genre, and juxtaposes the textual and visual. He theorizes punk in Lima as a mode of aesthetic and material underproduction, rants at canonical cultural studies for its failure to acknowledge punk's potential for generating revolutionary politics, and uncovers the intersections of gender, ethnicity, class, and authenticity in the Lima punk scene. Following the theoretical interventions of Debord, Benjamin, and Bakhtin, Greene fundamentally redefines how we might think about the creative contours of punk subculture and the politics of anarchist praxis.


"Shane Greene’s Punk and Revolution is an impressive and important book. It has interesting things to say about punk as a musical style and subculture, and perhaps more importantly as a disposition, an aesthetic, and a political project." — Paulo Drinot, The Americas

"Is this work a serious academic query into the impact of punk as a political statement or a ludic, subversive challenge to the reader to question authority on all levels without adhering to any dogma? Most likely, it is both." — Ana Torres, Journal of Global South Studies

"Punk and Revolution provides a welcome salvo in the struggle to prise analyses of punk away from their Anglo-American moorings, and Greene’s approach in doing so provides an exemplar for all the punkademics out there who see the need to jettison academia’s arcane and conservative traditions, while retaining the essence of ethnographic rigour and critical analysis." — Jim Donaghey, Anthropological Forum

"Greene uses punk principles to present a theoretical study of the revolutionary possibilities the movement could offer Peruvian politics and society. Even the prose here observes no rules, so you know it’s true to its subject." — Marcos Hassan, Remezcla

"Punk and Revolution shines as an archival project. . . . [Greene's] commitment to telling the story of punk through alternative styles, aesthetics, and forms will make his book appeal not only to media scholars and Latin Americanists but also to anyone interested in exploring the possibilities for anthropology through image, voice, and sound." — Alexandra Lippman, American Ethnologist

"Punk and Revolution is as methodologically innovative as it is creative. The author brings together an array of song lyrics, artwork, interviews (including some from prison), and field notes to immerse the reader in the underground punk, or subte, world. . . . It is a 'book' only insomuch as it is bound and contains the printed word, but it has more a feel of an album than a monograph. . . . Structure, tone, and presentation are entirely consistent with the pulse of the punk scene about which it is written. Moreover, Greene’s candid, no-holds-barred prose is refreshing, engaging, and at times hilarious." — Miguel La Serna, Canadian Journal of Latin American and Caribbean Studies

"Shane Greene offers a welcome enlightenment and dignity to a geo-obscurant adjunct in punk rock history, one which may be historically discredited as simply unruly but, in light of Punk and Revolution, has a revolutionary intellectualism/activism that is both singular to its culture and significant in its universal engagement. An amazing read." — Thurston Moore

"Shane Greene's pioneering book exudes a brilliant, destructive punk energy. It’s a screamed prose-theory-anthropology-zine-poem to punk, and a daring mosh pit stage dive of an experimental ethnography" — Orin Starn, coeditor of The Peru Reader


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Shane Greene is Associate Professor of Anthropology at Indiana University and the author of Customizing Indigeneity: Paths to a Visionary Politics in Peru.

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Warning!  1
Interpretation #1 / On the Risks of Underground Rock Production  7
Interpretation #2 / El Problema de la Sub-Tierra  45
Interpretation #3 / El Problema del Pituco  52
Re:Interpretation #4 / The Tongue Is a Fire, an Agent, a Traitor  83
Interpretation #5 / The Worth of Art in Three Stages of Underproduction  112
Interpretation #6 / A Series of Situations Resulting in X  151
Interprestation #7 / Hot Revolution with Punk Pancakes (a drunken dialogue)  188
PS!  205
Notes  211
Bibliography  219
Index  225
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