The Modernist Impulse in American Protestantism

The Modernist Impulse in American Protestantism

Book Pages: 348 Illustrations: Published: April 1992

American Studies, History > U.S. History, Religious Studies

This landmark study of American religion, recipient of the National Religious Book Award in 1976, is being brought back into print with an updated bibliography. The Modernist Impulse in American Protestantism traces the history of American Protestant thought from the early part of the nineteenth century to the present. William R. Hutchison deals especially with the "modernist" movement that flourished in the years around 1900, and with the colorful personalities and disputes associated with that movement.


"A masterful historical-theological survey of American Protestant Liberal thought." — Journal of Religion

"One of the three or four masterful interpretations of American theology, impressive in breadth and range, sophisticated in its judgments, sure in its clarification of theological nuance, but never pedantic or tiresome." — E. Brooks Holifield , Reviews in American History

"The most vivid, compelling, and useful portrait of liberalism yet to appear. . . . A major contribution to our understanding of the career of Christian theology." — Lloyd J. Averill , Christian Century

"A landmark volume. . . . Those interested in the history of American thought or religion in general can ill afford to neglect it." — Martin E. Marty


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