The Space In-Between

Essays on Latin American Culture

The Space In-Between

Post-Contemporary Interventions

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Book Pages: 200 Illustrations: Published: April 2002

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Silviano Santiago has been a pioneer in the development of concepts crucial to the discourse of contemporary critical and cultural theory, especially postcolonial theory. The notions of “hybridity” and “the space in-between” have been so completely absorbed into current theory that few scholars even realize these terms began with Santiago. He was the first to introduce poststructuralist thought to Brazil—via his publication of the Glossario de Derrida and his role as a prominent teacher. The Space In-Between translates many of his seminal essays into English for the first time and, in the process, introduces the thought of one of Brazil’s foremost critics and theorists of the late twentieth century.
Santiago’s work creates a theoretical field that transcends both the study of a specific national literature and the traditional perspectives of comparative literature. He examines the pedagogical and modernizing mission of Western voyagers from the conquistadors to the present. He deconstructs the ideas of “original” and “copy,” unpacking their implications for the notions of so-called dominant and dominated cultures. Santiago also confronts questions of cultural dependency and analyzes the problems involved in the imposition of an alien European history, the cultural displacements experienced by the Indians through their religious conversion, and the hierarchical suppression of native and Afro-Brazilian values.
Elegantly written and translated, The Space In-Between will provide insights and perspectives that will interest cultural and literary theorists, postcolonial scholars, and other students of contemporary culture.


"The Space In-Between presents a selection of provocative English translations concerning art and literature in Latin America's largest country." — Thomas E. Case , World Literature Today

"[I]t is the fluency with which he navigates both postmodern and modern theoretical apparatuses that transmits the energizing effect of interpellation of Santiago's critical production, as seen in these articles. They are a living illustration of his incisive hypotheses on the unstable, almost untenable and ultimately universal position of the Latin American intellectual as witness and protagonist of the uneven, unequal and erratic processes of cultural modernization." — Abril Trigo , The Americas

"[O]ne will admire the scope and erudition of such a widely-established scholar. This translation is timely given the spate of criticism on globalization, nationalism, and postcolonialism, and it is especially thought-provoking for comparatists who are moving beyond traditional European literary study into more transcultural perspectives." — Eva-Lynn Alicia Jagoe , Bryn Mawr Review of Comparative Literature

"[Santiago’s] prose is largely free of the obscure terms of postmodern discourse, yet he writes from within this tradition to provide a handy primer on what Latin Americans are thinking about their culture. . . . A remarkable series of insights. . . ."

— Kenneth Maxwell , Foreign Affairs

"As a translation, The Space In-Between embodies the phenomenon of Brazilian works crossing borders. Another in Duke University's excellent series of Latin America in Translation, it provides English-language readers with eleven essays by Silviano Santiago from the 1970s and 1980s. . . . Santiago knowingly and incisively brings theoretical issues to bear on French, U.S., and Brazilian literature and cultures." — Diane E. Marting , Latin American Research Review

"The collection of articles in this edition are very well assembled. . . . An indispensable book for Brazilian and Latin American libraries, this volume is also valuable for scholars interested in cultural studies and comparative literature, especially with regards to concerns about nationalism, multiculturalism and globalization." — Lidia Santos , Luso-Brazilian Review

“These essays constitute a refreshing approach to cultural and literary studies by the most courageous and forward-thinking critic in Brazil. Silviano Santiago’s breadth of knowledge and critical acumen stem from the erudition and perspicacity of a highly intelligent mind.” — Nelson H. Vieira, Brown University

“This collection of essays by Silviano Santiago makes a superlative contribution to Brazilian studies, both literary and cultural. Culled from approximately thirty years of production, the superior selection covers the development of Santiago’s wide-ranging critical thought.” — Leslie Damasceno, Duke University


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Martín Hopenhayn is Social Development Researcher for the United Nations’ Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) in Santiago, Chile. While he is the author of numerous books in Spanish, this is the first English language collection of his writing. Cynthia Margarita Tompkins is Associate Professor of Spanish at Arizona State University. Elizabeth Rosa Horan is Associate Professor of English at Arizona State University.

Silviano Santiago is Professor of Brazilian Literature at the Universidade Federal Fluminense in Niterói. He is a novelist, poet, translator, and theorist whose books include the novel Stella Manhattan, also published by Duke University Press.

Ana Lúcia Gazzola is President and Professor of English, Romance, and Comparative Literature at the Federal University of Minas Gerais in Brazil.

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Introduction: Silviano Santiago, a Voice In-Between / Ana Lúcia Gazzola and Wander Melo Miranda

1. Why and For What Purpose Does the European Travel?

2. Latin American Discourse: The Space In-Between

3. Eça, Author of Madame Bovary

4. Universality in Spite of Dependency

5. The Rhetoric of Verisimilitude

6. Worth Its Weight: Brazilian Modernist Fiction

7. The Permanence of the Discourse of Tradition in Modernism

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