Theories of the Novel Now, Part I

An issue of: Novel

Theories of the Novel Now, Part I
Journal Issue Volume 42, Number 2 Published: 2009 An issue of Novel
Special Issue Editor: Nancy Armstrong
The first in a series of three special issues, this issue of Novel commemorates the journal’s fortieth anniversary and brings scholarship from various literary disciplines into conversation around theoretical issues common to novel studies.


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Editor's Introduction: The Way We Read Now--Nancy Armstrong

2. Oscar Wilde's Fictions of Belief--Rachel Ablow

3. The Problem of Realism and African Fiction--Susan Z. Andrade

4. What Kind of History Does a Theory of the Novel Require?--Jonathan Arac

5. States of Emergency, States of Freedom: Woolf, History, and the Novel--Stephen M. Barber

6. Fictions of the Global--Rita Barnard

7. Prolepsis and Parabasis: Jazz and the Novel--Bruce Barnhart

8. Du Bois, Kinlessness, and the Catachrestic Novel--Nancy Bentley

9. The Known World in World Literature: Bakhtin, Glissant, and Edward P. Jones--Carolyn Vellenga Berman

10. Quixotic Realism and the Romance of the Novel--Scott Black

11. How the Novel Became Middle Class: A History of Histories of the Novel--George Boulukos

12. The Potter's Thumb/The Writer's Hand: Manual Production and Victorian Colonial Narratives--Aviva Briefel

13. Expansion, Interruption, Autoethnography: Toward Disorienting Fiction, Part 2--James Buzard

14. If the Shoe Fits ... Trollope and the Girl--Lauren Byler

15. D(NA) Coding the Ethnic: Jeffrey Eugenides's Middlesex--Patricia E. Chu

16. The Consular Service and US Literature: Nathaniel Hawthorne Abroad--Amanda Claybaugh

17. The Right to Mobility in Adventure Fiction--Margaret Cohen

18. Envy and Victorian Fiction--William A. Cohen

19 Sleep Deprived and Ultramodern: How Novels Turned Dream Girls into Insomniacs--Lois Cucullu

20. "Very Abstract and Terribly Concrete": Capitalism and The Theory of the Novel--David Cunningham

21. The Novel and the Moving Now--Mark Currie

22. On the Protocols of Victorian Citation--Nicholas Dames

23. History, the Twentieth Century, and a Contemporary Novel--Marianne DeKoven

24. The Novel and the Machine in the Eighteenth Century--Joseph Drury

25. Fanaticism and Civil Society: Hogg's Justified Sinner

26. The Return of the Referent in Recent North American Fiction: Neoliberalism and Narratives of Extreme Oppression--Jane Elliott

27. "Vaulted Over by the Present": Melancholy and Sovereignty in Mary Shelley's The Last Man --Jonathan Elmer

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