Electronic Collections

Electronic Collections

We offer electronic collections for both books and journals. Select a product below for information on content, electronic access, usage statistics, and pricing.

e-Duke Journals Scholarly Collection

This collection offers access to 50 humanities and social science journals.

e-Duke Books Scholarly Collection

This collection offers perpetual access to at least 100 new humanities and social science books and term access to thousands of e-books each year. Subject collections are also available.

Gender Studies e-book collection

The Gender Studies e-book collection includes groundbreaking works in gay and lesbian studies, transgender studies, feminist theory, and women’s studies, including field-defining scholarship in queer theory.

Latin American Studies e-book collection

The Latin American Studies e-book collection includes over 500 titles in anthropology, cultural studies, Caribbean studies, Chicanx and Latinx studies, history, literature, film and media, politics, and many other fields. 

Music and Sound Studies e-book collection

The Music and Sound Studies e-book collection includes over 100 titles in African studies, African American studies, American studies, anthropology, Asian studies, gender studies, history, Latin American studies, media studies, sociology, and other fields. This collection includes titles that address not just music as it is traditionally studied and understood but also the social, cultural, physiological, and technological dimensions of sound more broadly defined.

Religious Studies e-book collection

The Religious Studies e-book collection includes includes over 100 titles that examine religions around the world, conflicts within and among religions, and the cultural, social, and political dynamics of religion. 

Tikkun Archival Content

Tikkun content is available to purchase as an archive of all available digital content (2000-2018) or by year, for institutions that wish to fill gaps in holdings. Edited by Rabbi Michael Lerner, founder of the Network of Spiritual Progressives, Tikkun offers analysis and commentary that strives to bridge the cultural divide between religious and secular progressives. The collection is available for purchase by year or in a bundle.

The Carlyle Letters Online

The electronic edition of The Collected Letters of Thomas and Jane Welsh Carlyle is currently available at no charge.

Duke Mathematical Journal and DMJ 100 (The Archive)

Published by Duke University Press since its inception in 1925, the Duke Mathematical Journal is one of the world’s top ten mathematical journals according to impact factor. It is not available in any aggregations.  DMJ 100 is a fully searchable online archive of the first 100 volumes of the Duke Mathematical Journal, published between 1935 and 1999, including 4,830 individual articles.

Euclid Prime

Euclid Prime is a collection of 32 high-impact peer-reviewed titles in theoretical and applied mathematics and statistics hosted by Project Euclid, a non-profit online content platform for mathematics and statistics literature. The journals in this collection are highly international and are published by small societies and university departments. The 2019 collection includes notable titles such as Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic, Rocky Mountain Journal of Mathematics, and Illinois Journal of Mathematics.

MSP on Euclid

Mathematical Sciences Publishers (MSP), Project Euclid, and Duke University Press have partnered to offer MSP on Euclid, a collection of the eleven journals published and sold as a bundle by MSP but now enhanced by the functionality of the Project Euclid platform. MSP on Euclid is an alternative way of purchasing and accessing this electronic collection of MSP titles.
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