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  • Editorial Office:
    Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic
    University of Notre Dame
    119 Decio Hall (Mailing: 301 O'Shaughnessy Hall)
    Notre Dame, IN  46556-5639
    574-631-8609 (fax)

    Michael Detlefsen, University of Notre Dame
    Anand Pillay, University of Notre Dame

    Editorial and Business Manager:
    Claire E. Shely

    Editorial Board:
    Peter Aczel
    Timothy Bays
    Patricia Blanchette
    Peter Cholak
    Barbara Csima
    Melvin Fitting
    Curtis Franks
    Su Gao
    Warren Goldfarb
    Itay Kaplan
    Julia Knight
    Michael J. Kremer
    Paul Larson
    Penelope Maddy
    David E. Marker
    Timothy McCarthy
    Vann McGee
    Colin McLarty
    Daniel Nolan
    Michael Rathjen
    Greg Restall
    Stewart Shapiro
    Sergei Starchenko
    Jouko Väänänen
    Albert Visser
    Timothy Williamson

  • To submit manuscripts, please visit www.editorialmanager.com/ndjfl. Register to use Editorial Manager by entering your name and e-mail. Editorial Manager will then guide you through the submission process; there is a tutorial if you need additional assistance. Manuscripts should be submitted in LaTeX with documentclass{jfl} or, alternatively, {amsart}. For submissions that are not in some form of TeX, a PDF with all fonts properly embedded is required. Every submission must include an abstract of 150 words or less, a list of keywords, and 2010 Mathematics Subject Classification codes. Authors should design their manuscripts to facilitate the processes of blind and double-blind review. For a style guide and documentclass{jfl}, see the NDJFL's typesetting page.

    Submitting authors warrant the following:

    1. The submitted work is original, has not been submitted for publication or published elsewhere, and will not be submitted elsewhere unless and until the NDJFL has given notice that it will not publish it.

    2. They have the legal authority to assign all rights in the submitted work.

    3. They have secured all necessary permissions for content (e.g., artwork) that is not original.

    4. They have obtained permission to cite all persons identified as sources of personal communication.

    5. They have obtained from any coauthors express approval to list them as authors and to submit the work for publication.

    6. They have taken proper care to ensure that the work is true in fact, does not contain defamatory or illegal content, and does not infringe on the rights of others.

    Authors whose work is accepted must sign an assignment of copyright to the NDJFL to protect themselves and the publisher from misuse of copyrighted material.

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    May 2019 (60:2) - Closes 02/21/19
    August 2019 (60:3) - Closes 05/23/19
    November 2019 (60:4) - Closes 08/27/19
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    Prepayment must be sent to Duke University Press Customer Service.

  • Description

    The Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic publishes original work in all areas of logic and the foundations of mathematics. Leveraging a strong interdisciplinary editorial board—including esteemed scholars of philosophy, mathematics, linguistics, and computer science from around the world—the journal strikes a unique balance among historical, philosophical, and mathematical perspectives. In addition to addressing philosophical and mathematical logic at a broad level, the journal delves into disciplinary subareas such as formal semantics, modal logic, constructivist logics, recursion theory/computability theory, model theory, and proof theory and provides an outlet for work addressing computational, informatic, and linguistic concerns.

    Abstractors and Indexers:

    Indexed/abstracted in the following: Arts & Humanities Citation Index, Current Contents - Arts & Humanities, ERIH PLUS, Magazines for Libraries, MathSciNet, Science Citation Index Expanded, Scopus, The Philosopher's Index, Ulrichsweb, zbMATH.

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