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In addition to open-access content, there are a number of journal articles and book chapters that are free-to-read on our content platform, read.dukeupress.edu. These have no paywall, and are available for all to access, download, and read. 

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Environmental Humanities

EnvironCover of Environmental Humanitiesmental Humanities brings humanities scholarship into conversation with the natural and social sciences around significant environmental issues. The journal does not charge author fees and is funded through partnerships with Concordia University; Sydney Environment Institute, University of Sydney; University of California, Los Angeles; Environmental Humanities Laboratory, KTH Royal Institute of Technology; and the Environmental Humanities Program, University of New South Wales.

Critical Times: Interventions in Global Critical Theory 

Cover of Environmental HumanitiesCritical Times is an online journal established by the International Consortium of Critical Theory Programs with the aim of foregrounding the global reach and form of contemporary critical theory. The journal reflects on and facilitates forms of transnational solidarity that draw upon critical theory and political practice. Critical Times seeks to redress missed opportunities for critical dialogue between the global South and global North and to generate contacts across the current divisions of knowledge and languages in the global South and across the peripheries.


20th-century volumes (1918–1999) of the Hispanic American Historical Review 

Cover of Environmental HumanitiesFounded in 1918, the Hispanic American Historical Review (HAHR) pioneered the study of Latin American history and culture in the United States. Today, HAHR publishes rigorous scholarship on every facet of Latin American history and culture. The 20th-century volumes (1918–1999) have been digitized and are available open access. This long run of issues allows for students and researchers alike to trace the development of key themes in Latin American historiography across time.

The Carlyle Letters Online

The Carlyle Letters OnlineThe Collected Letters of Thomas and Jane Welsh Carlyle opens a window onto the lives of two of the Victorian world’s most accomplished, perceptive, and unusual inhabitants. Scottish writer and historian Thomas Carlyle and his wife, Jane Welsh Carlyle, attracted to them a circle of foreign exiles, radicals, feminists, revolutionaries, and major and minor writers from across Europe and the United States. The collection is regarded as one of the finest and most comprehensive literary archives of the nineteenth century.

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Project Euclid logoProject Euclid is a platform for high-quality mathematics and statistics scholarship and is jointly operated by Duke University Press and Cornell University Libraries. Seventy-five percent of the content on the platform is available open access. 

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