The Government and Politics of the European Union

The Government and Politics of the European Union

Book Pages: 656 Illustrations: Published: July 2006

Author: Neill Nugent

European Studies, Politics > Political Science

The leading text in its field, The Government and Politics of the European Union offers a clear and comprehensive explanation of the historical development and ongoing evolution of the European Union (EU). As in previous editions, this sixth edition presents an account and analysis of the origins of the Union, the key treaties, the main institutions and political actors, and the EU’s policies and policy processes. The book, in short, explains where the EU has come from, what it now does, and how it does it.

There have been many developments within the European Union since the last edition of this volume. In May 2004, the EU increased in size from fifteen to twenty-five member states, and, in so doing, became a pan-European, rather than Western European, organization. The following month, national leaders reached agreement on the contents of the long-discussed and exhaustively negotiated Constitutional Treaty only to see the fruits of their labors rejected in 2005 by voters in France and the Netherlands. These are only the most obvious manifestations of a constantly evolving integration process addressed throughout the book. Every chapter has been extensively revised since the last edition.

The Government and Politics of the European Union also includes reflections on the conceptual and theoretical tools used to analyze the integration process and the EU, as well as on the factors likely to influence the Union’s future development.


“Neill Nugent has once again supplied us with a definitive textbook on the institutions and politics of the European Union. . . . [A] masterful effort at explaining the inexplicable and at making the opaque transparent.” — Political Studies

“Thanks to its comprehensive structure, accurate and systematic approach to untangling the complexities of integration processes and structures, and insightful evaluation of policy outcomes, The Government and Policies of the European Union remains an invaluable reference for students, scholars, and practitioners alike.” — Boyka Stefanova, Perspectives on Political Science

Praise for previous editions:
“In addition to being a core teaching text on the EU, the book provides a useful reference work for both academics and practitioners in the field.” — European Access


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Neill Nugent is Professor of Politics and Jean Monnet Professor of European Integration at Manchester Metropolitan University. His numerous books include European Union Enlargement, The European Commission, and At the Heart of the Union.

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Summary of Contents

List of Tables, Figures, and Documents xvii

Preface xix

List of Abbreviations xx

Map xxiv

PART 1: The Historical Evolution

1. The Transformation of Western Europe 5

2. The Creation of the European Community 36

3. The Evolution of the European Community and Union 48

4. From Western to Pan-European Integration 57

PART 2: The Evolving Treaty Framework

5. From Rome to Amsterdam 79

6. The Treaty of Nice 104

7. The Constitutional Treaty 116

8. Treaties and the Integration Process 129

PART 3: The Institutions and Political Actors of the European Union

9. The Commission 149

10. The Council of Ministers 191

11. The European Council 219

12. The European Parliament 240

13. European Union Law and the Courts 281

14. Other Institutions and Actors 311

PART 4: Policies and Policy Processes of the European Union

15. Policies 351

16. Policy Processes 392

17. The Budget 430

18. Agricultural Policy and Policy Processes 455

19. External Relations 483

20. National Influences and Controls on European Union Processes 523

PART 5: Stepping Back and Looking Forward

21. Conceptualising and Theorising 545

22. Present Realities and Future Prospects 578

Chronology 587

Guide to Further Reading 599

Bibliography 605

Index 619
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